Optimization of the hottest delta pickup robot

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Optimization of delta pickup robot

the annual per capita sugar consumption in North America is nearly 25lb. Therefore, many of the sweets you eat from the exquisite packaging are placed by the best fast transfer robot (delta robot) in the industry. Its development began in the 1980s. Its design is the most popular in the fast transfer robot market, and its application fields are packaging, medical and pharmaceutical industries. The picking and placing system can be equipped with 20 delta robots, which can carry 100 to 2500 products per minute. There is a great demand for candy

the continuous demand for improving the productivity of robots has encountered various challenges. High reliability, less maintenance, redundancy and stable operation are the main performance problems faced by robot manufacturers. These challenges make delta robot OEM manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve the design - to find solutions to optimize components. A detailed understanding of the redesign. The best embodiment of DuPont's products for the 3D printing market is the Bosch Sigpack system delta robot. Alpha gear transmission and Wittenstein motion control are members of Wittenstein group, which jointly support the innovative design of delta robot. Using advanced components and cymex - Wittenstein's proprietary servo selection software, Wittenstein and alpha can reduce the occupied space of the robot and improve its throughput, in addition to seeking better hand feel and texture ability

del 4 tower design

the basic principle of delta parallel robot design is to use parallelogram, which allows the output link to remain in the fixed position of the input link. Using three parallel

quadrilaterals can completely realize the positioning of mobile platform with only three translational degrees of freedom. The three parallelogram input links are installed on the rotary control rod through the back rotary contact

Schematic of the Delta robot (US patent No. 4,976,582).

the back rotation contact on the rotary control lever is started in two ways: rotating (DC or AC servo up to several meters) motor or linear actuator. In order to make the delta robot perform the function of picking and placing excellently, the fourth side is used to transmit the rotation motion from the starting point to the end controller on the mobile platform

sigpack system the original design of delta robot is to use linear rack and pinion conveyor. The design proved unreasonable. The main aspects that need to be improved include: frequent maintenance stems from the openness of rack and pinion/linear actuator design; Poor performance; Long assembly time; The robot is heavy; The control and accuracy are not ideal

the new design pursues the maximization of function and reduces 75% of components. This design can be called an ideal solution for the motor with integrated lever arm (gearbox combination) with all driving parts, waterproof, dustproof, compact structure, light weight and excellent performance

Motor-gearbox drive with carbon lever.

Delta new design

the newly designed delta robot will use Wittenstein motion control motor gearbox system with integrated lever arm to replace the existing linear rack and pinion. TPM servo actuator is composed of high-precision reduction gear, multipole motor and feedback. All components are packaged and integrated, which is most suitable for Sigpack. Because the concept of actuator eliminates redundant parts, the space and weight are reduced by 50%. According to the design, the new solution eliminates the redundant rotating parts in the traditional solution, such as redundant bearings, couplings and shafts that reduce the inertia of the actuator. The power supply and magnet in the electromechanical solution are close to the load, which improves the stiffness and dynamic response, reduces the assembly time and enhances the controllability

Classic Delta robot designed using rack and pinion as a linear actuator.

in terms of component reduction and factory design optimization, mechanical design includes: robot shape, four motors and gearboxes, and several carbon bars

compared with the technical indicators of the two solutions, the new delta design (xr31) has been significantly improved

with more and more attention paid to production capacity and efficiency, the new design concept of delta robot adopts alpha and Wittenstein components as sharp tools for system integration, preparing an ideal robot for you to enjoy delicious food. Therefore, next time you take out delicious chocolate from the exquisite packaging, think about it. A delta robot and compact servo motor are carefully placed for you at the speed of 150 pieces per minute

Speed/Load profile.

Characteristic motor curve with application load.

alpha gear driver and Wittenstein motion control are both members of Wittenstein group, and are famous for their leading position in motion control in the world. For more solutions, please visit the website:. (end)

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