Optimization of HDPE process in Liaohe Petrochemic

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Liaohua olefin plant optimizes HDPE process

Liaohua olefin plant optimizes HDPE process

October 14, 2002

it is reported that in the face of a highly competitive market, the olefin plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company actively adjusts its focus of work, gives play to the first-line advantage of production, and strives to make the famous brand high-density polyethylene lo555p bigger and stronger, In order to further expand the survival space, Liaoyang Petrochemical chlorinated polyethylene special material resin lo555p will not only wear and scratch the appearance of some parts, but also have the ability to compete with the gs102pi resin of Hearst company in Germany since it was successfully tested in Weifang chemical plant (now Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd.) in 1993. It has been widely welcomed in the market, Liaoyang Petrochemical has achieved great economic and social benefits

this is about the ordinary flexible packaging consumer manufacturers. Each factory will further optimize the production process of the product with the shear area unit of square millimeter (mm), and reasonably set the production conditions, so as to shorten the chlorination cycle, reduce the chlorination temperature, reduce the hardness of the product, and maintain the advantages of non caking and strong observability

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