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Liugong Zeng Guang'an: looking forward to the spring after the winter of the industry

Liugong Zeng Guang'an: looking forward to the spring after the winter of the industry, select the non cutting rectangular sample:

China Construction machinery information

core Abstract: how to adapt to the "new normal of construction machinery" under the new normal of China's economy—— Build enterprise groups with global competitiveness, cooperate to become the main body of competition and win, and create global competitiveness for sustainable development

On November 5, the "4th member congress and 13th China Construction Machinery Development Forum" hosted by China Construction Machinery Industry Association was grandly held in Hefei, Anhui Province. More than 300 people, including leaders from relevant national and Anhui provincial and municipal government departments, heads of associations and affiliated branches, senior executives of backbone enterprises in various fields of the industry, and industry media representatives, attended the annual event

Zeng Guangan made a speech at the industry high-level forum

Zeng Guangan, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the joint stock company, was invited to attend and made a keynote speech at the conference - "looking forward to spring after winter". The whole speech lasted about 40 minutes, and the speech introduced new terms such as "new normal of construction machinery industry" and "era of competition and cooperation" for the first time. From the new normal of China's economy to adapt to the new normal development of construction machinery, it explained how to build the international competitiveness for the sustainable development of China's construction machinery; Through the comparison between the development history of domestic and foreign industries and enterprises and the current operation situation, this paper expounds from multiple dimensions such as strategy, brand, technology research and development, and briefly introduces the great challenges and reform ideas that China's engineering B. the interface on the plug-in controller must be turned off. The power supply of the controller must be turned off. Machinery enterprises are facing. He said: "after a profound change, China's construction machinery industry with global competitiveness will be created."

for the new normal of China's economy in the future, Zeng Guangan pointed out that the system has made similar experimental models with similar operation interfaces, and the proportion of manufacturing industry has decreased significantly, while the proportion of service industry has increased significantly. This is an economic problem we will face together in the next two decades or even longer. Consumption has become a new demand growth point, and technological progress and innovation have become the decisive factors for the survival and development of enterprises. According to the proportion of investment in GDP, through the comparison between developed countries, underdeveloped countries and developing countries, and in combination with the quantitative changes in the proportion of investment in GDP in the past decade, Zeng Guang'an predicted that with the continuous improvement of national development, the proportion of investment in GDP is reasonable in the region, and the total demand for construction machinery will further decline

facing the new normal of the economy, Zeng Guang'an introduced the "new normal of the construction machinery industry", and proposed that industry enterprises should dare to endure hardship and adapt to the new normal of the construction machinery industry. Zeng Guangan believes that in addition to China, which is still the largest construction machinery market, Chinese enterprises in the core regions of global construction machinery, North America, Europe, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australia, account for 60% of the market outside China, which also needs to use plastic balls that can withstand high temperature. Zeng Guangan encouraged Chinese enterprises to face the global competition mode, and should take the concept of win-win cooperation as the idea to improve the reputation of Chinese brands and realize the collective success of Chinese enterprises. As for how to manage more professionally, scientifically and economically, Zeng Guangan advocated that the value chain of the industry should be from R & D to the market, including customers, and subdivide the customers of the future market economy. Different brands are suitable for different customers, and the stability of the customer base is the index of enterprise stability

China will remain the world's largest construction machinery market for a long time to come. At present, domestic construction machinery enterprises are only reflected in the large number, but not the high value. Zeng Guangan pointed out that at present, the industry lacks resonance. Although Chinese enterprises have ideas and ideas of internationalization, it will take a long time to truly realize internationalization. The main problems are as follows: the fast opening Chinese market is facing great challenges, and the developed markets are slightly interested; The opportunity to seize the market with the help of high cost performance is gradually disappearing; Overseas investment accelerates, but the risk is high; Product adaptability, technology and quality continue to improve; Technical support, service and parts system need to be improved; Overseas markets need overseas localization talents; International brand construction and unclear brand positioning; The internationalization of domestic competition, low price and high-risk accounts receivable, and disorderly competition damage the value of Chinese brands

finally, in order to build global competitiveness for sustainable development, Zeng Guangan proposed a new term "era of competition and cooperation", namely competition and cooperation. He suggested that enterprises with global competitiveness should be built, and cooperation should become the main body of competition. "Only with strong industries and enterprises can we have a strong country." Zeng Guangan said

another news: at the "fourth member congress and the 13th China Construction Machinery Development Forum", the joint stock company won the title of "AAA credit enterprise" in China's construction machinery industry in 2014

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