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Liu Gong's participation in the 16th "East China Expo" received much attention

Liu Gong's participation in the 16th "East China Expo" received much attention

China Construction machinery information 3 The fastener bears the axial tension increasing at a constant speed

the 16th China ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as "East China Expo") Held as scheduled in Nanning, Liu Gong brought a variety of equipment including 870h loader, 933e excavator, 4180d grader, 6622e roller, clg230h forklift, CLGA 2.5t electric forklift, s813t sugarcane harvester and so on

the equipment on display this time are all products carefully built by Liugong in recent years and deeply loved by users. Take 4180d grader for example, this equipment won the 2019 "red dot product design award" known as the "Oscar in industrial design industry" in April this year. The 870h has been recognized by the market and customers. It is a "God car" that integrates technology and art and refreshes a new level of energy efficiency to create greater value for customers

on the first day of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors, customers and visitors at Liugong booth, some of whom were interested in equipment and the company's history and culture

Leaders of Guangxi Guiping municipal government visited Liugong exhibition stand

leaders of Henan Department of Commerce visited Liugong exhibition stand

this is Liugong's 16th participation in the "East China Expo". ASEAN market has always been an important market for Liugong, and it is also a granary for international business. The business of the entire Liugong Asia Pacific market accounts for 1/4 of Liugong's international business volume. Because quality determines the value of equipment

despite the overall impact of the world economy, the construction machinery industry market in the Asia Pacific region fell by about 20% this year, but Liugong rose against the trend. As of July, the CE (construction machinery) share of Asia Pacific companies increased by about 18% year-on-year; In particular, breakthroughs have been made in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries

product line, and continue to maintain the first market share of the loader industry for more than a decade, especially in the excavator product line, achieving a big breakthrough, with a year-on-year increase in sales of more than 30%

employees of Liugong Asia Pacific Company

excess supply and demand of base metals has become the norm. In order to further increase medium and long-term investment, Liugong completed the establishment of the company in Indonesia, a strategic country, in August this year. Relying on this platform, Liugong further improved its control over the core market, and is more conducive to increasing the development and investment in the Indonesian market. At the same time, the localization of Liugong's Asia Pacific market has also been further deepened. At present, local staff teams have been established in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore and other places, with local staff accounting for nearly 35%. Their jobs and responsibilities have also been continuously developed to regional core managers

welcome to Liugong booth

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