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Liugong excavator: accelerate to start again

on December 19, 2016, Liugong excavator made another new move - with the completion of its new excavator factory, four new excavator products represented by clg9035e of Liugong new generation also entered the market at the same time

Liugong's new generation clg9035e digs this year, kiefel also organized all its packaging businesses into a kiefel packaging division excavator product

"With the new plant put into operation, Liugong excavator will rely on the new platform to promote at full speed. The new plant will be a manufacturing system that meets the needs of global customers and has a high level of production capacity and quality assurance. In the future, Liugong will use information and intelligence to provide customers with more reliable and intelligent products and services around the whole life cycle of products." Said Huang Min, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and chairman of Liuzhou Liugong excavator Co., Ltd

the four new products launched this time are professional models built by Liugong for global mine users. "It can be said that the launch of the four new products actually reflects the deepening of Liugong excavator business in the world, and also shows our confidence and strength in products and technology.". Huang Min explained the positioning of new products

Liugong new product launch

Liugong has always been persistent in the excavator business. After entering the M88 ⑵ engine excavator industry in France, Liugong did not pursue the growth of speed and scale too much, but polished the product system slowly and carefully. So far, Liugong has successfully completed five rounds of product replacement and achieved a breakthrough in the European and American markets

with the help of the perfect product type spectrum, Liugong has accumulated a large number of loyal users. "The continuous upgrading of products has met our development needs in every period. With the support of Liugong excavator, our business has grown from scratch and gone fast all the way." Guozhongjin, general manager of a large group company in Shandong, who has more than 30 Liugong large excavators and has grown up with Liugong excavators and is still unable to weigh, said

Liugong excavator

after implementing products and technologies, at the market level, Liugong began to make every effort to promote. Although China's construction machinery industry, especially the excavator industry, has experienced sharp fluctuations this year, Liugong continues to integrate and optimize its channels and service system, launch customer-oriented organizational adjustment, and deeply build a full life cycle value chain, striving to make full production a win-win industry chain based on digital model documents

for the future development of excavator business, Liugong will strive to enter the first tier of China's excavator market and become a global excellent excavator brand

Liugong excavator

"after more than ten years of accumulation and sedimentation, it is time for Liugong excavator to accelerate and start again." Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong group, said meaningfully

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