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Liugong helped Kimberley mine owners in South Africa dig "Diamonds"

Kimberley diamonds in South Africa have high hardness "Transmission has become a growing dynamic field in China's automotive market, and is world-famous for its high purity. There are diamond mines of all sizes in Kimberley, South Africa, and the horizontal tensile testing machine for wind power anchor bolts. Function introduction: Liugong brand excavators and loaders, which create wealth for mine owners, are also favored by local gold mine owners for their diamond like high cost performance.

Liugong helps Kimberley mine owners in South Africa dig" Diamonds "

in 2016, John Schmidt, a private miner in Kimberley, South Africa, who first came into contact with Liugong products, made a request to visit Liugong headquarters after visiting Liugong South Africa and its dealers, which are easy to disassemble and assemble burgers. During the three-day compact inspection trip, John Schmidt was deeply impressed by Liugong's fully functional global R & D center, the advanced production line of Liugong's joint venture with American Cumming period to produce engines, and the precision assembly line of the whole machine. John Schmidt was relieved to sign his name on the contract to purchase Liugong excavators and loaders

view back to the mine in Kimberley, South Africa. As of April this year, the mine owner John Schmidt has retained 9 Liugong equipment, including 4 Liugong clg856h loaders, 3 Liugong clg933e excavators, 1 Liugong clgb230 bulldozer and 1 Liugong clg835 loader, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said. These equipment undertake the construction tasks of clearing vegetation debris on the surface of the ore bed, mining the ore bed, loading raw ore and landfilling earth and stones. The mine implements a 12 hour shift system. Although most of the equipment has been insured, the attendance rate of the equipment is still as high as 95%. In particular, Liugong clg933e excavator has a fuel consumption rate of 16 liters per hour, which makes Benny, the mine manager, full of praise

in order to ensure that the equipment can create wealth for customers in a long-term and efficient way, Liugong South Africa Company defines John Schmidt as a key customer in the region, and cooperates with burgers, a distributor of Liugong South Africa, to carry out regular or irregular maintenance and preventive maintenance of the equipment. High quality equipment and professional after-sales service have become the "diamond" for Liugong products to open the Kimberley diamond market

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