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Liugong's "intelligent manufacturing" entered the China International Industry Expo

Liugong's "intelligent liquid filtration manufacturing" entered the China International Industry Expo

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2016 plastic calenders mostly adopt full digital speed regulation system. On November 1, the 18th China International Industry Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. brought intelligent management solutions such as intelligent housekeeper and intelligent controller to the exhibition

"Liugong intelligent housekeeper" system is an important achievement of Liugong's customer value-added 3.0 strategy, which mainly realizes two functions for users - equipment management and operation management. Equipment management includes fuel consumption management, equipment status analysis, equipment health and service, equipment positioning, etc. Operation management includes production scheduling, operation monitoring, security management, personnel management, instant messaging, etc. Through equipment management and operation management, users can maximize equipment matching, improve production efficiency, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, reduce operational risks, and optimize profitability

Liugong's "intelligent manufacturing" entered the China International Industry Expo

"intelligent manufacturing" has always been one of Liugong's important strategies. As early as a few years ago, Liugong started the research in intelligent manufacturing fields such as remote operation and maintenance services, and continued to concentrate on the layout and in-depth expansion of technology, products, R & D and the whole industrial chain. This year, Liugong successfully shortlisted the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and became the only shortlisted enterprise in the construction machinery industry and Guangxi in 2016. Liu Gong has just released the "13th five year" strategic plan, which has formulated the "three comprehensive" strategic measures, "comprehensive intelligence" has become one of the company's three important strategic measures. Liugong will focus on product intelligence, manufacturing intelligence and service intelligence, gradually consolidate the foundation, build a system, and realize cross-border interconnection

on the opening day, Liu Gong made it particularly inconvenient to assemble and install the ribbed end cap and ribbed shell. Mr. Luo guobing, vice president, was invited to attend the China Russia Business Forum "industrial cooperation: new opportunities and projects" and talked about Liu Gong's development in Russia

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