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Liugong chasing dream Antarctica fights for dreams and honors

since the third dream chasing Antarctica national earthwork machinery operation skills competition was officially launched in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on June 15 this year, at the registration stage, we will combine the specific situation of frequent use of friction testing and surface texture measurement. The competition organizing committee has received more than 400 operators' applications through network channels, and hundreds of operators have signed up offline, After nearly two months of national auditions, a total of 300 contestants have successfully advanced to the next round of the city race of chasing dreams in Antarctica. Now the city race is sweeping eight cities across the country. We look forward to the Yabuli peak duel in December

As we all know, since 2015, China's economy is gradually entering the new normal, showing gratifying changes in all aspects of social and economic construction, especially the "the Belt and Road", "made in China 2025" and a series of steady growth policies and measures and related measures of the state are effectively driving economic development. With the continuous commencement of various construction projects, such as railway and highway, urban rail transit, airport construction, etc., the whole society is also increasing the demand for skilled construction machinery operators. Therefore, the third dream chasing Antarctic national earthwork machinery operation skills competition is held at the right time, which can cultivate more skilled construction machinery operators for the industry and even the whole society. This also makes chasing dream Antarctica become a positive energy to promote the development of the industry

since its official launch in 2013, the "dream of Antarctica" national earthwork machinery operation skills competition has been held, but now petrochemical resources are facing the crisis of becoming increasingly depleted. It has been successfully held twice, and its activities have also penetrated into many regions and more than a dozen cities across the country, causing great repercussions in the construction machinery industry. Now, it has really become the most influential earthwork machinery operation competition in China

As the leader of China's construction machinery industry, Liugong in Guangxi has been actively supporting China's polar scientific research. Since 2008, Liugong has sent five groups of technical service experts to the north and south polar regions to provide services, maintenance, repair and management for the mechanical equipment of polar research, which has solved the worries of polar scientific research. Not only that, Liugong's loaders, excavators and cranes have also successfully landed in the south pole, contributing to the polar scientific research at the southernmost end of the earth. The two successive dream chasing Antarctica national earth moving machinery operation skills competition has not only selected and trained a large number of excellent mechanical operators for polar scientific research, but also provided a continuous new force for the logistics force of human polar scientific research

with the further expansion of the influence of the event organized by Liugong Institute, it has attracted the attention of nearly one million people in the construction machinery industry, and has set off a positive energy in the society, prompting more people to pay attention to and invest in China's polar scientific research

the city competition of the third dream chasing Antarctic national earth moving machinery operation skills competition in 2015 will last from mid September to the end of November, and will be held in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, Jinan, Shandong Province, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Bengbu, Anhui Province, and southern Guangxi Province. Hydrogels made of food grade materials such as cellulose and colloidal silica have not affected the smell and taste of grape juice, and will last for three months. For more details of the competition, please pay attention to the event officials of this dream chasing South Pole

at this moment, the Antarctic audition stage of chasing dreams has been successfully completed

at this moment, the machine hand heroes selected by the sea have assembled

at this moment, they are rubbing their hands and enjoying every fierce city competition. They will fight for their dreams and honors

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