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Guangxi Liugong: build a talent highland

Guide: Liugong strengthens the construction of talent team to provide support and guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises, which is known as "quote"; China's construction machinery industry leader quot; Guangxi Liugong group, 46 years of history, from the development and production of China's first loader to the formation of Guangxi's first listed company, has become China's largest

-- Liugong strengthens the construction of talent team to provide support and guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises

Guangxi Liugong group, known as the "leader of China's construction machinery industry", has become the largest wheel loader production base in China and has been listed in the "top 500 national large industrial enterprises" in 46 years, from the development and production of China's first loader to the formation of Guangxi's first listed company "National quality and benefit oriented enterprise" and other honors, the products won the national science and technology progress award, and the "Liugong" brand loader was rated as the first batch of Chinese brand products in the construction machinery industry. Since 2001, Liugong has achieved leapfrog development for three consecutive years. The annual average growth rate of the company's main economic indicators is 62%. The production and sales volume jumped from 2800 units in 2000 to 11800 units in 2003, creating industry miracles. Especially in the first half of this year, the production and sales of both exceeded 10000 units, leaping to the top two in the world. Various economic indicators are far ahead of their counterparts in the country. The core enterprise joint-stock company was awarded the "listed company with the most investment value" by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

the rapid development of enterprises requires a high-quality talent team. In order to maintain the leading position in the domestic industry and actively catch up with the international leading level, in recent years, Liugong has firmly established the concept of "talent resources are the first resources", took "excellent employees are the greatest wealth of the enterprise" as the company's wealth concept, took project construction as the breakthrough of talent work, and used projects to attract, train and achieve people, driving the overall construction of the company's talent team, Give full play to the talent highland role of people in the tensile testing process of the tensile testing machine, strive to build three teams of technical talents, management talents and skilled talents, and transform talent advantages into competitive advantages, providing strong talent support and guarantee for Liugong to achieve comprehensive, sustainable and rapid development

R & D team: create a leading edge in technology

as the first batch of national enterprise technology centers and the first post doctoral scientific research station in the industry, Liu Gong has gathered a group of domestic excellent talents in construction machinery over the years of development, forming a talent team with large scale, reasonable age and professional structure. At present, the technology center has more than 250 professional and technical personnel, 68 high-level engineering machinery talents, including 25 masters and botu, and 28 experts with senior professional titles; Relying on the talent advantages of Huazhong University of technology and Suzhou University, the enterprise is also in the leading position in product research and development and technological innovation

Liugong takes the project as the carrier to build a highland of enterprise talents and create a leading edge in industry technology. Liugong products occupy the first brand advantage in the domestic construction machinery industry, and have created eight firsts in China's loader industry, representing the advanced level of China's machinery industry. The biggest feature of Liugong is its continuous leading position in the domestic industry for many years, and the leading technology is the key to its position in the industry. Therefore, based on the characteristics and advantages of the enterprise itself, Liugong closely combines the practical problems with the development goals of many testing institutions and enterprises. Through the construction of major projects, with the project as the carrier, Liugong attracts and trains high-quality R & D teams and gathers high-level professionals urgently needed by the enterprise. In recent years, Liugong has successively established and carried out more than 100 scientific research, technological transformation and other projects, attracted nearly 300 experts, doctors, masters, high-school engineers and other professional and technical talents, and also introduced more than 10 experts from Germany, France, Japan and other countries, which not only created a growing team of professionals with innovative spirit, Moreover, it has a number of technical projects and national research projects that occupy a leading position in China or reach the international advanced level, such as G-Series loaders, c-series excavators, road rollers, small construction machinery, pavers, etc. Among them, the zlg50g plateau special wheel loader project, which fills the international gap and is the first one at home and abroad, won the national science and Technology Progress Award in early 2004. Liugong became the only enterprise in the same industry in China that won this honor. The project was also included in the "key national Torch Program project", further laying Liugong's leading position in the industry. ZL50G wheel loader won the "first prize of science and technology in China's machinery industry". G series loaders have been comprehensively introduced to the market and become a new growth point of Liugong

in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Liugong introduced "top-notch" talents and established a postdoctoral workstation according to the needs of key R & D projects. For example, in order to solve one of the key technologies that Liugong products urgently need to be solved in the market competition - the research project of intelligent control of hydraulic excavator power matching, postdoctors from Shanghai Jiaotong University were introduced to work in the station; At the same time, in the domestic leading and international advanced research project on the thermal balance of construction machinery vehicles, we also cooperated with the mobile station of Zhejiang University to introduce urgently needed talents for the project. Loader remote service system and intelligent excavator currently under development "It has been approved as the National 863 project. With the establishment of the enterprise talent highland, it will introduce and cultivate a team with stronger R & D ability to carry out the R & D of this project, form a series of patented products, solve the major technical progress problems in the excavator industry, and make the leap forward development of China's construction machinery industry.

in order to stimulate the work and innovation enthusiasm of the majority of scientific and technological workers, Liu Gong will continue to improve the talent incentive machine with the support of the project System. Implement the salary distribution policy to favor the project R & D personnel. Different from other departments, the distribution system has been implemented in the technology center, that is, the total wage contract system based on the salary point wage system plus the project award; Set up special zones to negotiate wages for talents; Implement the project management contracting system; Set up a variety of special awards, such as new product development award, quality research award, science and technology enterprise revitalization award. The first, second and third level evaluation and reward methods for experts have been established, and first-level experts can receive high annual salaries. The company holds a "Technological Innovation Conference" every year to reward the achievements in technological innovation and advanced engineering and technical personnel

it is the fundamental goal of enterprises to achieve enterprises and people through projects, and it is also the dream of every project participant. The continuous promotion and success of various projects have won the strength and a large number of honors for the enterprise, opened up a broad space for the development of the technical management personnel participating in the project, and achieved a number of excellent technical experts and technical backbones. At present, Liugong has "candidate for Chinese Academy of Engineering", "winner of China Youth Science and Technology Award", "young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the country", and a number of brand scientific and technological personnel who "enjoy special subsidies from the national government", have been awarded "outstanding experts of the autonomous region", "top professional and technological talents of Liuzhou City" and "outstanding young scientific and technological talents of Liuzhou City". They have become discipline leaders in the domestic industry

management team: improve the comprehensive competitive strength

through the development and implementation of the project, Liu Gong has cultivated a large number of high-level management talents urgently needed by the development of enterprises, and has made great contributions to the realization of production capacity improvement and marketing breakthrough

Liugong information construction project leads its peers and leads the country with early implementation and good results. For example, in 1996, when the company took the lead in introducing and implementing the production management system MRPII manufacturing resource planning management software project in the industry and Guangxi, the implementation of the project was difficult because of the shortage of talents in this field. The MRPII project team spent four years to lay the foundation, set up three-level working organizations such as the project leading group, the first level implementation group and the second level implementation group, and carried out a series of basic work such as training, learning, database building and process reorganization. By 2002, the system was the first one in Guangxi to successfully realize the closed loop and passed the national CIMS project acceptance at one time. At this time, the enterprise is full of talents in this project. A group of project managers at different levels played a backbone role in the subsequent application of more advanced production management methods such as MRPII upgrade. It took only more than - years to complete the upgrade of MRPII ERP. The whole project has trained more than 1000 people, and a considerable number of them have become professional backbones with high levels. One reason for the company's production is that they are used more and more for the development and management of cutting-edge products and processes. The latest scheme and production capacity of sponge compression testers have been comprehensively improved. The monthly output has increased from more than 300 three years ago to 1800 now, and the annual output has climbed from 4000 in 2001 to 11800 in 2003, which has made a great contribution to the company's production capacity to achieve a breakthrough by leaps and bounds, and even hit new highs in the industry. Through years of efforts, the enterprise informatization construction has made Liugong comprehensively improve its product innovation, manufacturing supply, product sales, product cost, capital turnover, enterprise management level and response ability, and greatly improve its comprehensive competitiveness. Liugong was awarded the "national 863cims application demonstration enterprise" by the Ministry of science and technology, and was identified as one of the only two "national enterprise informatization pilot units" in the country in the same year; The company's information technology experts also won the national advanced individual in information work

skill team: improve quality and make excellence

building an open and international enterprise is the medium and long-term development goal of Liugong. Over the years, Liugong has focused on cultivating a skilled, skilled and willing to help technical workers, establishing an open talent management mechanism, and cultivating a highly skilled enterprise talent team with international competitiveness. At present, Liugong has 205 senior technicians and technicians, 27 first, second and third level production technology experts of the company, and more than 100 (person times) production technology experts have won awards in the autonomous region, Liuzhou city and company level technical competition

Liugong has its own training center, which closely focuses on the principle of "training serves the enterprise and production", takes effective incentive measures to encourage employees to participate in all kinds of training, and incorporates training tasks into the monthly assessment projects of units and individuals. Ordinary employees must complete 40 class hours of training every year. Up to now, Liugong Co., Ltd. alone has more than 700 employees who have obtained the education of technical secondary school or above through off-duty, semi off-duty, amateur and other forms. Among the 3779 basic production personnel in Liugong group, 2018 have obtained the certificate of technical grade above the primary level, so that many employees with certain work experience not only improve their cultural quality, but also have the basic conditions for evaluation and promotion, More importantly, the overall quality of employees has been correspondingly improved. At the beginning of 2002, Liugong was approved by the Ministry of labor and social security as the first batch of national training bases for highly skilled talents

in order to enable technicians to become talents as soon as possible and bring excellent technical workers into the talent circle of the enterprise, Liugong specially formulated the "expert evaluation and management measures", which set the production and technical experts into three levels: Level 1, level 2 and level 3, and give corresponding subsidies according to the level. In the process of product research and development and product manufacturing, national and autonomous region level technological innovation projects were set up, especially the participation of workers and technicians, which ensured the timely completion of the project and cultivated a highly skilled manufacturing talent team. The company holds an annual "Technological Innovation Conference", which also pays tribute to excellent skilled workers

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