Application of the hottest weinviewhmi in Jigger

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Application of weinview HMI on jigger

system composition:

a special controller for jigger, a general PLC, a touch screen, two vector converters, two encoders, four Hall sensors, supporting low-voltage electrical appliances

system features:

this system adopts tension closed-loop and speed closed-loop control mode, and loads a special algorithm for tension at the same time. Make the jigger really reach constant tension and constant linear speed, and it can start with zero tension (cloth dropping) and operate normally with zero tension

part I Introduction to the characteristics of the jigger controller

★ four way high-speed counter

1. Basic functions:

ch0:x20+, x20-

ch1; X21+, x21-

ch2:x22+, x22-

ch3:x23+, x23-

when used as four independent counters, the counting frequency reaches 30K

when used as two AB phase counters, the counting frequency reaches 30K

the input pulse conforms to the 5V differential level

2. Related parameters:

input parameters:

preset value: prepare data for setting the current value of the counter, a total of three word counting range, signed number

preset value valid signal: modify the current value of the counter to the preset value. The effective time of the signal is greater than 10ms

count enable signal; When it is 1, counting is allowed; When it is 0, counting is not allowed

counting mode control: single and dual phase counting selection. 0 refers to single-phase counting and 1 refers to two-phase counting

ch0 and ch1 can form AB phase

ch2 and CH3 can form AB phase

when CH0 selects AB phase, ch1 enable signal is cleared; When CH2 is selected as AB phase, ch3

enable signal is cleared

counting direction control: when it is selected as single phase, 0 means counting plus and 1 means counting minus

output parameters:

cumulative pulse number PT: three word counting range, signed number

instantaneous frequency f: used for frequency measurement. The update speed is 20ms/time

average frequency ω: Used for frequency measurement. The update speed is 20ms/time

★ two special functions (internal reference)

1, "static torque measurement" function (process function)

function: measure static torque at different speeds, The steady-state torque table of the strip blank for cold-rolled ABS can be generated by this method, which is convenient to check the table during operation

application: use this function to obtain static torque at different speeds

2, "moment of inertia measurement" function (process function)

function: used to measure the moment of inertia of the rotating object of the jigger j.

application: measure the moment of inertia of the empty roll and the full roll

★ "moment of inertia dynamic distribution" function (mathematical function)


during the rotation of the jigger, the radius is constantly changing, so the dynamic inertia during operation must be obtained for compensation during adjustment


j0: inertia of empty roll; Jbmax: inertia of cloth at the maximum radius. k: Dynamic distribution coefficient

this function is used to calculate the dynamic distribution coefficient K.


repeated calls are allowed in a scanning cycle, It is also applied to the inertia calculation of roller a and roller B. Used at runtime

★ "calculation of static torque under different speeds and different radii"

directly use floating-point number calculation of ladder diagram

★ measured variables from lower levels:

① Angular speed of roll a ω a ;

②. Angular speed of roll B ω b ;

d5004---d5007 specify the angular velocity position Corresponding to ch0---ch3

if AB phase is used, the angular velocity of phase a = d5004, and the angular velocity of phase B = D5006

the unit of angular velocity is p/s, that is, the number of pulses per second, and the refresh time of angular velocity is 20ms

★ single machine workflow of jigger

s3-------------- test stage

purpose: obtain static torque and moment of inertia

s4-------------- upper and lower distribution stage

steady speed (linear speed) feeding

the inner and outer rollers can be connected and divided: each roller can be independently distributed up and down

jog/continuous arbitrary selection:

s5-------------- start phase

purpose: this process is a low-speed process, which completes the smooth force application or force preservation, and measures parameters such as friction

s7---------- in the operation stage, after the system correctly obtains the parameters, it can maintain the constant cloth tension under the predicted conditions, no matter when the speed is rapidly increased, decreased, or stabilized

s8---------- the system stops stably at low speed and reaches the specified position

s9---------- publish program section

s10 -------- temperature control procedure. It effectively solves the problem of selecting polyaminoic acid strains and obtaining efficient strains

★ network structure and function of jigger controller

network structure:

does each relaxation experimental machine have an intelligent control system? A jigger is equipped with a controller, so the network structure can connect 3969 jiggers. Process management and equipment status monitoring can be implemented on the network platform

networking function:

· monitor the working condition of each jigger

· download relevant process parameters

relevant instructions:

the controller equipped with each jigger has a fieldbus interface, and there is no need to configure a communication module

the controllers on the jigger are all field bus slave stations. The slave station address and communication rate can be set, but the communication rate must be consistent with the master station

when setting up a network, 63 jigs are equipped with a can master station, and the can master station can be universal ec-08m08r; When the network increases, the number of can master stations increases; Multiple can subsystems work in parallel, and the communication efficiency is the same as that of one subsystem

connect each can master station with a computer through RS485; If only one can sub can be connected with RS232

a variety of configuration software can be run on the computer: such as Kunlun Tongtai, Kingview, 3D force control, Beijing Jiekong and other configuration software at home and abroad

Part II introduction to the interface of the jigger

main operation screen I:

main operation screen II:

system parameter view screen I:

system parameter view screen II:

test screen:

Part III jigger control cabinet and site


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