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It will take some time for intelligent upgrading of energy equipment and the localization of core components

it will promote the high-end development of energy equipment in many fields such as petroleum and petrochemical, electric power, coal machinery

at the 2011 China offshore oil and gas drilling and engineering equipment Summit Forum held a few days ago, PetroChina and petrochemicals also decided to adopt a one armed one, said Zhao Zhiming, former vice president of the Industrial Equipment Association, The 12th Five Year Plan for intelligent equipment is expected to be released within this year, which will involve digital oil fields and intelligent petrochemical equipment

on August 18, China (Tianjin) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo also sent a clear signal to all visitors: intelligent equipment is one of the five directions of high-end equipment manufacturing and the focus of future development

the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries, which is seeking comments, clearly states that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the level of manufacturing process intelligence in key areas should be significantly improved, and the domestic market share of intelligent equipment should reach 30% by 2020. The development of intelligent equipment will directly promote the technological innovation of energy equipment

intellectualization is the development direction of petroleum equipment.

Zhao Zhiming said during the forum that in the next few years, the focus of intelligent manufacturing technology in the petrochemical industry will be the digitization of detection technology, the intellectualization of control technology, the integration of production process control and management, and the integration of internal and external supply chain management optimization. He pointed out that in the future, we will focus on cultivating and developing intelligent drilling systems, intelligent logging systems and intelligent well completion systems in petroleum equipment. In petrochemical industry, the centralized intelligent production control system (PCS) of ten million ton oil refining and one million ton ethylene will also develop from automation to intelligence

it is reported that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, 31 ten million ton refineries and 30 one million ton ethylene plants will be built throughout the country. In addition to using some special equipment and petrochemical equipment in the past, a very important point of these projects is to realize intellectualization. Developed countries have already realized the intellectualization of refining and chemical devices, while China has just started in this regard without setting query conditions

experts said that the so-called intellectualization is to realize the intelligent control of equipment. For example, if the pressure and other parameters of any one of the hundreds of equipment in a refinery change, it can be quickly transmitted to the automatic control system through sensors, which will not only display the results, but also automatically adjust, so as to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and reducing costs

Zhao Zhiming once cited an example. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, a breakthrough in the localization of coiled tubing drilling will be achieved in the field of drilling equipment, which also involves intelligent equipment. There is no problem with the manufacture of this kind of continuous pipe. The key is to add intelligent components into the pipe, which can not only be controlled remotely, but also be guided automatically, and drill wherever there is oil

intellectualization is the cornerstone of the development of power coal machinery equipment

in the first half of this year, the State Grid Corporation of China issued the guiding opinions on the optimization and integration design and construction of intelligent substations. Intelligent substations are defined as industrial facilities, requiring simplicity and improving equipment integration. Experts believe that in the field of power, the rapid development of intelligent equipment can first bring benefits to the construction of intelligent substations

according to the plan of the State Grid Corporation of China, the newly designed 110 kV and above substations will adopt the construction standard of intelligent substations from 2011. Intelligent substations have become the mainstream of new substations and ushered in explosive growth

substation equipment includes transformer, circuit breaker, transformer and other primary equipment and automation system, auxiliary system, intelligent components and other secondary equipment. The requirements of simplicity and improving equipment integration are based on the intelligent development direction of the Fraunhofer project team that recently began to plan to use engineering plastics to manufacture some parts and equipment of automobile engines

in addition to the power field, the development of coal machinery field is also inseparable from intelligent equipment. Insiders told that in recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in the field of fully mechanized coal mining equipment represented by shearers, scraper conveyors, roadheader and hydraulic supports, and the complete set capacity and technical equipment level of coal mining enterprises have been improved. It has successfully developed the world's largest 2500 kW large-scale shearer, and has been able to independently design and produce kW AC traction shearers, with a localization rate of more than 80%. However, it is regrettable that the core components such as the electronic control system of the hydraulic support have not been fully autonomous, which is mainly due to the following situation of domestic intelligent equipment: backward manufacturing

the driving effect on the equipment industry has initially appeared.

Zhang Xiangmu, director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, once said that intelligent equipment is oriented to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development needs of strategic emerging industries, focusing on intelligent instruments and control systems, key components and general components, intelligent special equipment, etc. It can realize the automation, intelligence, lean and green of various manufacturing processes, and drive the improvement of the overall technical level of the equipment manufacturing industry

as the industry said, the importance of intelligent equipment is reflected in becoming the cornerstone of the rapid development of other high-end manufacturing industries, providing intelligent control systems, automated production lines and other high-tech production control equipment for high-end fields such as energy equipment, and promoting the development of the whole high-end equipment manufacturing industry

according to the statistical data of 2009, the total scale of China's equipment manufacturing industry has reached $2.2 trillion, while the total manufacturing industries of the United States and Japan are $1.5 trillion and $1.23 trillion respectively. China's industrial scale ranks first in the world. However, while expanding, most of the development of China's manufacturing industry is still at the low end of the industrial chain, mainly producing low value-added products. The development of intelligent equipment is also an inevitable requirement for the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high end

it is understood that the driving role of intelligent equipment has been shown during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. Efficient and clean power generation equipment and high-performance power transmission and transformation equipment are regarded as an important part of intelligent equipment. Since the 11th Five Year Plan period, significant achievements have been made in the localization of these two types of equipment, and the equipment support capacity has been significantly enhanced. Among them, efficient and clean power generation equipment has basically met domestic demand, and the technical level and product output have entered the forefront of the world. The comprehensive localization rate of UHV AC transmission and transformation equipment and UHV DC transmission complete equipment reached more than 90% and 60% respectively, which also led the growth of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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