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In this increasingly automated era, high-end scientific and technological products are bound to become the mainstream of society. With the continuous development of packaging machinery, it has gradually kept up with the pace of the times and gradually moved towards intelligence. Robots have appeared in almost all areas of packaging functions, especially in the fields of palletizing, packing and picking/placing

China has become the second largest country in the packaging industry, but it is still a long way from a powerful country. This is mainly because the packaging technology and equipment are not advanced enough. Therefore, the packaging robot came into being. Its emergence has brought the rapid development of the packaging industry. At the same time, the development of the packaging industry also promotes the improvement and development of the packaging robot

packaging machinery is becoming more and more automated, and robots, as the most competitive technology of automation technology, are suitable for repeatability, rapidity and accuracy. In this regard, the Chinese government has formulated ambitious, accurate and dangerous work. With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is becoming wider and wider. The application of robot technology in the packaging industry has developed at a rapid speed, increasing from 9.5% to 17.4% in the past five years, almost doubling

packaging robot technology is advanced, precise and intelligent, which can increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, and is the highest embodiment of the automation level of packaging machinery; Packaging requires comprehensive performance stage (1970-1979). Robot technology upgrading is a new generation of production tools that comprehensively extend human physical strength and intelligence. It is an important means to realize digitalization, automation, networking and intellectualization of production. It can be seen that the development prospect of packaging robot in industry is considerable

the use of robot automated production lines can not only greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also bring significant benefits to users. With the continuous improvement of enterprise automation level, the market of robot automated production lines will certainly become larger and larger, and will gradually become the main form of automated production lines. Automated production lines of packaging robots have been widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, building materials and logistics industries to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and avoid a large number of industrial accidents

in addition, manufacturers hope to seek lower production costs that consumers continue to affect the consumer market. Robots naturally play this important role, because robots can not only lead to lower costs, but also bring higher flexibility. Packaging robot is known by more and more enterprises, and more people will choose to use it because of its flexibility and reliability in clinical trials in the United States. Robot will replace many traditional equipment and become an important assistant in the packaging field

the use of packaging robots in many countries around the world for nearly half a century shows that the popularity of packaging robots is an effective means to achieve automated production, improve social production efficiency, and promote the development of enterprises and social productivity. Robot technology is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. The complete set of equipment for automatic production line of packaging robots has become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularity of domestic packaging robots is also a matter of time

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