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Intelligent configuration: realize automatic operation

quickly complete automatic fault location, isolation and intelligent recovery

staff debug ring cabinet equipment

intelligent master station system operation display screen

the No.1 switch of Wenkang environmental cabinet of Fuqian 14th line has been automatically closed, and the power supply of the non fault section of the third and fifth lines has been automatically restored. The feeder automation test has been successfully completed. At 14:30 p.m. on September 19, in front of the operation display screen of the intelligent distribution master station system in the dispatch and control center of Shandong Linyi power supply company, Zhang Yongxin, the leader of the automatic operation and maintenance team, is reporting the test situation to Li Biao, the on-site commander-in-chief of the distribution feeder automation test, through the interphone

with the completion of the test of the third and fifth line automation system, the feeder automation test carried out by Linyi power supply company in the power supply area of Beicheng new area of Lanshan customer service center has been successfully completed. This is the first time that Linyi power supply line has realized the automatic treatment of all buffer fracture faults. When the line fails, it can automatically complete the fault location, fault isolation and power restoration

The whole process of

feeder needs to maintain the automation of safe and stable lines as much as possible. The key to the construction of

intelligent distribution

distribution to realize the feeder automation function is one of the most critical goals in the construction of intelligent distribution

the so-called feeder automation refers to that when the distribution fails and power is cut off, the master station system determines the fault section by analyzing the information collected by the distribution SCADA, and generates a network reconstruction scheme according to the operation state of the distribution and the necessary constraint judgment conditions. The dispatcher can select Manual, semi-automatic or automatic methods to isolate the fault and restore the power supply according to the actual conditions. After realizing the feeder automation function, it can not only quickly deal with various distribution faults, but also have the ability to deal with faults in multiple places in a short time, and quickly restore power supply

it is easier to remove makeup. As early as 2011, Yi power supply company formulated the "three-year plan for the construction of intelligent distribution". On the basis of the construction of a strong frame, by building a strong, reliable, intelligent and green power supply network, it will build a full coverage distribution automation with self-healing, compatible, interactive and optimized characteristics, which is efficient, practical and has the ability of sustainable development. They adhere to the synchronous implementation of distribution automation planning and construction, and strive to realize the feeder automation function as soon as possible

automatic awesome,

opening intelligence will generate MOCA force management gate between the pendulum shaft bearings.

in order to verify the fault handling ability of distribution automation system based on optical fiber communication and wireless communication, and prepare for the application of distribution automation, Linyi power supply company decided to carry out feeder automation function test in Beicheng new area

this test is conducted at 110 kV Sanhe station and 10 kV third and fifth lines. The secondary circuit is used to simulate the fault current, and the fault section of tanglan ring cabinet and Wenlan ring cabinet is judged, isolated and restored to power transmission in the non fault section in manual mode and automatic mode respectively

the success of the experiment has opened the door to intelligent management, which is of far-reaching significance and far-reaching impact. After the previous power supply line failure, in order to find the fault point, the line patrol personnel need to patrol the whole line along the line. This kind of manual line patrol method is inefficient and time-consuming. After the automatic operation of the distribution system, in case of a fault, the intelligent distribution master station system of Linyi power supply company will automatically alarm and quickly lock the fault zone, so as to effectively shorten the fault finding time and help the emergency repair personnel quickly enter the fault point for on-site repair

at the same time, the system can automatically isolate the fault section and automatically restore the power supply at the front and back ends of the fault through the remote control of the opening and closing ring cabinet switch, so as to greatly reduce the scope of power failure, minimize the impact of power failure on power customers, and effectively improve the reliability of power supply

it is understood that this test is also the first distribution fault handling test carried out by Linyi power supply company, which verifies that the company's intelligent distribution master station system has the function and ability of automatic operation, and lays a solid foundation for successfully completing the planning goal of intelligent distribution construction and realizing full intelligent management

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