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Intelligent electrostatic powder in recent years, the country is vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry. At the end of the spraying machine, intelligent electrostatic powder not only ensures the resolution of the experiment, but also can be extended into the "Green Plan" The service life of the partner's parent experimental machine spraying machine

September 6, 2018

intelligent electrostatic powder spraying machine

pd-03a intelligent ability to work better automatic powder spraying machine

1, safe and reliable

2, good re spraying effect, suitable for a variety of powder spraying

3. Good layer consistency and stable electrostatic high voltage

4. The technology is domestic and original, and it is manufactured with imported components and advanced technology

5. The spraying effect is comparable to that of similar foreign products, and is at the advanced level of similar products

6. The powder is discharged smoothly, evenly, and automatically tracked by high-voltage static electricity. The powder loading rate is about 85%. The discharge current can be adjusted freely to adapt to different environments

7. It is suitable for difficult and complex groove workpiece and plane spraying. The adjustability of discharge current has a more sensitive feedback function, and makes different responses according to different work, so as to overcome the shielding effect

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