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Intelligent equipment has become a "gun" for industrial upgrading to promote industrial upgrading

intelligent equipment has become a "gun" for industrial upgrading to promote industrial upgrading

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Guide: Recently, the 17th cross strait machinery and electronics trade fair and Xiamen Taiwan import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Taiwan Trade Fair) closed in Xiamen. After more than five years of practice and testing, the largest mechanical and electrical Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Strait has become an important channel for both sides of the Taiwan Strait to carry out in-depth cooperation and jointly expand the global mechanical and electrical market

Recently, the 17th cross strait machinery and Electronics Fair and Xiamen Taiwan import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan Trade Fair") closed in Xiamen. The largest mechanical and electrical Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Strait has become an important channel for both sides of the Taiwan Strait to carry out in-depth cooperation and jointly expand the global mechanical and electrical market. At the same time, it is also an important platform to show the equipment strength on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and promote industrial upgrading

at this exhibition, intelligent mechanical equipment such as robots and spider hands can be seen everywhere in the exhibition hall. In Weibo CNC machinery exhibition hall, small robots weighing less than 5 kg can process fine electronic hardware parts, paint and screw; Spider hands can grab specified items; The automatic robot polishing machine independently developed by Yuding machinery is busy polishing a faucet. This series of automatic products have attracted the attention of a large number of merchants

why are smart equipment in the limelight? Many entrepreneurs have said that the development of intelligent equipment conforms to the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry and promotes the transformation from "made in China" to "made in China". Caiweiqiang, general manager of Weibo CNC Technology Co., Ltd., said that intelligence and automation have gradually penetrated into all production corners of textile and clothing, shoe materials, electronic information and other industries, and it is the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry that provides these high-tech "guns"

Lin Shiqing, general manager of Yuding machinery, also said that in recent years, the development of hardware plumbing industry cannot be separated from the upgrading and promotion of equipment manufacturers. He said that energy-efficient, high-precision machining, intelligent, networked and open technology and equipment have become the main trend of the development of contemporary CNC systems

as a leading enterprise in the machine tool industry in Fujian, successful machine tools also brought the newly developed cvt12560-nc CNC vertical lathe at the exhibition. According to Zhou Sijin, general manager of Chenggong machine tool, the machine tool is economical, efficient and energy-saving. It can complete the processing of internal and external curved surfaces, end faces and groove parts of various arcs and rotating bodies. It is the first choice for the finishing processing of complex disc, automobile spoke, shell and stub shaft parts

according to the statistics of the organizing committee after the meeting, Zhangzhou Mingxin Welding Technology Service Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly the big winner of intelligent mechanical equipment. It is reported that Mingxin welding signed an intention order of about 40million yuan at the meeting. Zeng Weiming, the head of the company, was very excited about this, but he was not very surprised

Zeng Weiming told that a series of intelligent equipment such as spot welding robot, arc welding robot, handling robot and plasma cutting machine exhibited by the company at the exhibition can meet the production needs of many industries, reduce labor costs for enterprises, and help enterprises realize the transfer from labor-intensive to technology intensive

take the handling robot welded by Mingxin at the exhibition for example. It can accurately place the ten cartons on the conveyor belt on the ground according to the instructions, and then orderly remove the packed cartons from the conveyor belt and place them neatly on the floor. This type of industrial robot can replace four manpower and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers

but at the same time, we learned that due to the imperfect domestic supporting industrial chain, the cost of intelligent equipment in China will be high, and some core components rely on imported products. There are also many enterprises that have been taking the road of independent research and development, using local core technologies to promote product upgrading

in recent years, Weibo CNC has made continuous efforts in technology research and development, and the core of products is its independently developed integrated CNC system. The company also provides numerical control system solutions and products for other manufacturers. Yuding machinery also brought the latest machine tool products at this exhibition. Yuyuyi, the marketing manager of Yuding machinery, said, "in the past, the company used to be a small machine tool. Now, after years of development experience, the company has the conditions to develop into a large machine tool in terms of technology, talents and other aspects, so it began to develop into a large intelligent machine tool."

Wang Yongjun, general manager of Quanzhou xinxiangtai numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., believes that the gap between domestic numerical control technology and foreign countries is gradually narrowing. Many local numerical control systems are very good, and more practical and applicable. Most of their numerical control systems use domestic brands. It is reported that the CNC equipment of xinxiangtai has occupied 70% - 80% of the market share of Quanzhou auto parts CNC processing equipment

for the platform of the Taiwan Trade Fair, another important purpose of many enterprises participating in the exhibition is to seek business opportunities for cross-strait cooperation. Zhou Sijin of Chenggong machine tool told that the company has always been in close contact with Taiwan enterprises in terms of technology research and development, and many Taiwan components were also used in this new product. To participate in the Taiwan Trade Fair is to understand the latest research and achievements in CNC systems and machine tools across the Strait through this platform

like Zhou Sijin, Yu Guoping of Eastman numerical control machinery in Quanzhou also came with the same purpose. Yu Guoping said frankly that Taiwan has strong advantages in high-end machine tools. At present, the core CNC technology of their carving and milling machines mainly comes from Taiwan. Yu Guoping told that engraving and milling machine is a product derived from the past ten years. It is a combination of CNC milling and engraving machine and belongs to high-end manufacturing industry

pointing to the "ESM moving beam high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine" beside him, he said that this model is a new product of the company, which can do both semi rough machining and fine machining, and can greatly improve the work efficiency and machining accuracy of products. At present, the company is the largest manufacturer of engraving and milling machine equipment in Fujian

statistics show that the total cross-strait trade volume last year was 168.9 billion US dollars, a record high, of which the trade volume of mechanical and electrical products accounted for more than 70%, which is the largest category of cross-strait trade. In the opinion of Chen Wenyi, Secretary General of the Taiwan Electric Machinery Association, which has applied for more than 40 patents, the two sides can continue to complement each other in terms of traditional CNC machining machinery products, but also in terms of intelligent robots, such as China's famous material research experts Professor zhengwenlong of National University of Defense Technology commented: "The microcomputer controlled change experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is the first real change experimental machine to realize microcomputer control in China. We should strengthen cooperation in the R & D and production of cutting-edge products such as microcomputer controlled change experimental machine system and automatic production equipment in emerging industries, and jointly explore the international market.

in terms of the cooperation and in-depth docking of the electromechanical industry across the Taiwan Strait, Zhan Huosheng, chairman of the Taiwan Straits common market foundation, said that Taiwan's advantages The potential is innovation. The advantage of the mainland is high production capacity and large market. If Taiwan's creativity is combined with the production capacity and market of the mainland, there will be broad development space

Zhan Huosheng believes that the current cross-strait industrial division mode has gradually changed from the past "vertical division of labor" to "horizontal competition". In order to avoid excessive competition or repeated investment between enterprises on both sides of the Strait, resulting in overcapacity and bargain competition, cross-strait industrial cooperation should follow the "new blue ocean" strategy, carry out industrial division of labor, cooperate in development and production, and realize mutual benefit and win-win of industries on both sides of the Strait

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