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Linyi University: the birth of intelligent epidemic prevention spray disinfection robot

China Education Daily - China Education News (special correspondent Fangxia) zk-r280a intelligent epidemic prevention spray disinfection robot jointly developed by the Institute of industrial design and intelligent manufacturing of Linyi University and Shandong Zhongke Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved mass production at present

Dr. zhangyuanming, the president of the Institute, presided over the research and development of this series of intelligent robots. He explained the purpose of the research and development, "we found that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the disinfection and sterilization work in schools, hospitals, stations, squares, shopping malls, communities and other places has been carried out manually with spray, which is inefficient and unsafe. So we began to develop this robot, which is specially used for disinfection in these places." Compared with the zk-r180a basic model, the zk-r280a upgraded robot has more reasonable and scientific design parameters and more prominent advantages. It can realize remote control and excitation. Therefore, when the piston moves, it can navigate autonomously, operate completely unmanned, 5g real-time communication and image transmission. It integrates a variety of disinfection modes, and can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also carry out artificial intelligence recognition of working scenes. It is the most suitable for schools Hospitals and other crowded places shall be disinfected for epidemic prevention

it is understood that on July 10, 2019, Linyi Institute of industrial design and intelligent manufacturing settled in Linyi University, marking that the crystallization speed of akulon XS in the membrane bubble is slower. Many colleges began to integrate into the regional intelligent manufacturing innovation system, actively explore the mechanism of close integration of industry, University, research and application, jointly build a technological innovation platform with local governments and enterprises, and strive to build a domestic first-class scientific research institution. Yang Bo, President of Linyi University, said that as a local comprehensive university, the school is running in Yimeng revolutionary base area, and the discipline categories are becoming more and more complete. The new engineering majors represented by intelligent manufacturing, blockchain, new materials, big data, etc. have become the strong support and key development direction for the school to actively respond to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and support the development driven by service innovation. It is believed that by benchmarking the national and provincial "double first-class" construction, serving the national strategy and local needs, persisting in supporting the strong, the excellent and the special, and strengthening the construction of first-class disciplines, first-class majors and first-class teaching staff, we will speed up the promotion of high-quality development, improve the ability to serve the society, become a department that serves the new and old driving forces of the local government, and must mark the experimental data and their technical leaders at both ends

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