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Smart factory helps to resume production. Zhejiang Yongjia Kaiquan group's "machine replacement" skillfully solves the difficulty of employment

this newspaper's Dingjiang correspondent Wang Xia and Zhang Cheng report

in order to promote the high-quality development of factory manufacturing capacity, since 2018, Zhejiang Yongjia Kaiquan Group Co., Ltd. rigid PVC foamed plastic is widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, advertising and other fields as "future materials and evaluate the failure analysis of its defective products in order to become a product of high level and high trust". The company takes Zhejiang production base as a pilot to carry out transformation and upgrading, and uses new scientific and technological achievements such as robots, big data, IOT to build intelligent factories, so as to accumulate new competitive advantages through technological innovation. In January this year, the group's intelligent factory was officially launched and put into use. Compared with the traditional labor-intensive enterprises that rely on labor, Kaiquan group took the lead in realizing the replacement of machines in this crisis, which not only improved the utilization rate of site and equipment, but also resumed production at the first time, and also obtained the initiative of production and operation in the new year

when you enter Kaiquan group, you can pull out the workshop like a drawer 1. It is spacious, bright, clean and tidy. Many precise and intelligent automatic equipment operate efficiently under the operation of 2 or 3 staff. Each process is connected smoothly and orderly. The real-time dynamic data of this processing link is displayed on the electronic screen beside it

Huang Weining, general manager of Kaiquan group, introduced that since 2018, the company has been committed to the technological reform of intelligent transformation, and each module has been gradually digitized. Now, after the completion of the last WMS system, the whole MES system has been officially put into use, realizing the whole process of product design, production and sales, as well as visual, digital and transparent management. From the initial customer sales order to the factory internal order, to the production data, and then to the completion of production, logistics organization to customer delivery, all can form a data

this set of intelligent operation with MES system as the core not only avoids the adverse impact of data lag, but also can flexibly respond to the market, change the status quo of previous production in advance and retain inventory, and directly change the part model on the assembly line to match the customer's order requirements. Huang Weining said that this intelligent system has completely opened the original data black hole, which can more clearly understand some information of factory dynamic data, and provide customers with services quickly, flexibly and at a lower cost

since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many enterprises in Yongjia County have experienced difficulties in resuming production and recruitment, and this problem has been solved with the launch of the smart factory of Kaiquan group. In previous years, the production line was overcrowded, and all processes, from pump production to packaging to transportation, depended on labor. Now, this grand occasion is no longer. It only takes two and a half minutes for a pump to be assembled, tested and packaged off the production line. The automatic forklift accurately connects all production links. There are only less than 10 workers left in the huge workshop to operate each unit of intelligent machinery

before 2018, there were about 300 people in the whole factory. By the end of last year, there were about 160 people, almost halved. The management staff has basically changed little, but the front-line staff may be reduced by about three quarters. Huang Weining explained that previously, most of the recruitment was based on front-line operators and technical posts, but with the investment of intelligent devices, the employment demand in this area has been greatly reduced and the labor cost has been reduced

while reducing the amount of labor, it also lowers the threshold of labor. Our requirements for employees' skills are lower than before, because many technical things can be guaranteed by equipment alone. The responsibility of employees is why electronic universal testing machine is suitable for all kinds of tests. It is OK to install parts on it

Huang Weining said that Kaiquan group will continue to respond to the requirements of a manufacturing power in 2025, shift from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and accelerate the transformation and development of China's manufacturing industry with practice. In the future, we will basically build some production units into unmanned processing and production modes, including material transmission and production line operation, which do not need people to operate. In the future, our company can achieve the goal of 1 billion without expanding the site and increasing the production capacity

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