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Smart factory debut! Gree high-precision CNC machine tools "C-bit" unveiled

recently, the "made in China upgrade - 2019 China intelligent manufacturing whole industry chain Application Conference" was held in Dongguan. All staff of Gree intelligent factory went out to show the scene application achievements of Gree intelligent equipment to the outside world again. In the "combination" of "unity and cooperation" and "efficient intelligence" intelligent factories, with multiple uses, high precision and strong sensitivity, Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 has become the most concerned "C-bit" of intelligent equipment on display this time. Why is it so eye-catching? What is the significance of its work? Let's listen to the coming

Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 is a "general" in the family of Gree CNC machine tools. You may not know what a CNC machine tool is if you are not familiar with the type of intelligent equipment. Numerical control machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. CNC machine tool solves the processing problems of complex, precise, small batch and multi variety parts. It is a flexible and efficient automatic machine tool, which represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology

Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high flexibility, high machining accuracy, stable and reliable machining quality, and high production efficiency. Before machining, after the CNC machine tool is calibrated, enter the program and start it, and the machine tool can automatically and continuously process until the end of machining. The labor of machine tool operators tends to be intelligent work, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important whether the safety belt is qualified, which greatly improves the working conditions and is conducive to modern production management

(the picture shows the on-site exhibition of 2019 China intelligent manufacturing industry chain application conference with good oxidation resistance)

after listening to the many benefits of CNC machine tools, I believe you can't wait to know about Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080. Machining center is a highly automated multi-function CNC machine tool with tool magazine and automatic tool change device. After the workpiece is clamped on the machining center at one time, it can complete a variety of processes on more than two surfaces, and there are a variety of tool changes. 10 samples can only succeed in about 1.5 or tool selection function, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Machining centers can be divided into boring and milling and turning according to their machining processes, and can be divided into three-axis, four axis and five axis machining centers according to the number of control axes. Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 integrates milling, fine milling, fine boring, high specific strength, drilling, reaming and other small computer digital control machine tools

Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 has many uses and can work together with its "little partner" - 608s robot to form a flexible machining unit. Through the front-end fixture, the robot can complete high-precision actions such as automatic grasping, clamping and discharging, realize the integrated processing from parts blank to finished products, and also expand the automatic connection function, which can realize the automatic loading and unloading of the front or side. It can be widely used in the processing of complex parts such as various plates, discs, medium-sized shells, and can be equipped with a variety of machine tool accessories to expand the processing range

Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 has ultra-high precision. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision and high sensitivity. The full stroke accuracy is up to 0.008mm, the spindle speed is 12000rpm, and the spindle has the function of central water discharge. It can reach four axis linkage, making the processing of parts efficient and precise

at the same time, the operation of Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080 is also very convenient. Its control system adopts Siemens 828d, which has compact structure, powerful function and simple operation. It also has data acquisition and intelligent connection function modules. The operators can quickly debug, repair and maintain the machine tool, complete various operation and programming tasks, promote the personnel of the user unit from labor-intensive to technology-oriented, make the implementation of "black light factory" and "unmanned factory" more smooth and efficient, and complete the simplification and technical upgrading of the personnel of the user organization

"I didn't expect that Gree's intelligent equipment manufacturing capacity has been so high. I used to hear that Gree independently mastered core technology. Today I've seen it. I hope that more enterprises like Gree appliances will take the initiative to 'bite the hard bone', so the future of made in China will be better." The guests invited to the meeting sighed heartily when they saw the ga-v50 80 generation of Gree vertical machining center

at present, Gree CNC machine tools cover horizontal machining centers, five axis machining centers, turning and milling composite machining centers, graphite machining centers, vertical machining centers, drilling and tapping centers and other major models, providing professional CNC processing solutions for customers in 3C, automobile, mold, hardware, plastics and other fields

having said so much, I believe you have a better understanding of Gree's high-precision CNC machine tools represented by Gree vertical machining center ga-v5080, and also understand why among Gree's many intelligent equipment, it can be "C-bit debut". If Gree always adheres to the line of independent innovation and mastering core technology, and cultivates and digs deeply in the field of intelligent equipment, I believe that one day Gree's intelligent equipment will not only attract the attention of all parties in China, We can also have a place in the field of international intelligent equipment manufacturing. Let's look forward to the day when Gree CNC machine tool will debut in the "c-position" in the world

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