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Intelligent glass control technology is expected to replace automotive glass film

the smart windows launched by continental, an auto parts supplier, at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas can be dimmed with one click. "Intelligent glass control" technology can use electronic control signals to change the transparency of the special film embedded in the glass. This also includes electric folding reflectors, wireless charging technology (the manual control box of the door panel storage box can be controlled offline to reduce labor intensity and improve the effectiveness of the experiment), parallel reminder function, and so on


intelligent glass control technology can provide users with a more private, comfortable and safe driving experience. Intelligent glass control technology can reduce the impact of direct sunlight and reduce the dazzling degree. Moreover, the driver can adjust the sunshade without distracting himself, so as to eliminate more potential safety hazards


5. Always keep the equipment clean and hygienic; Special materials are added in the middle of the glass interlayer, and the voltage is changed through the circuit at the edge of the window, so as to operate the sorting form of the materials in the middle layer and adjust the light transmittance. When the power supply switch is pressed, these substances 7 When the voltage is greater than 10V "automatic parallel station", the window becomes bright. When the power is off, these substances are automatically combined randomly, and the window darkens. The simple understanding is similar to that of a shutter


although we just mentioned that the light transmittance of glass can be changed freely, according to the introduction of continental engineers in Germany, theoretically, if metal elements are injected into the middle interlayer of smart glass, the color change function can be easily realized. In this way, if laws and regulations allow, then riders can release their personality through colorful car glass. In fact, color changing windows or glasses have a long history. For example, Hino automobile company began to show relevant technologies as early as 2007. However, Hino's relevant technology is only used in a few vehicles of some high-end models, and is only limited to the roof or sunroof. This time, Continental's variable transmittance window technology can be applied to front and rear windscreens, side windows, etc., which is a new breakthrough in smart window technology

will it replace the digital sensor working principle film of glass electronic universal machine

no matter from the perspective of functionality or practicality, the intelligent glass control technology is stronger than the car glass film. If the original factory can be equipped with this function in the future, or it can be installed by itself in the later stage, it can completely replace the automotive glass film. At present, because the color changing film in the glass interlayer is expensive, the cost is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to the popularization of intelligent glass control technology. However, Continental believes that due to the development and fierce competition of other similar technologies, the price of this material may decline rapidly. By then, the popularization of intelligent glass control technology will not be a big problem

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