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Intelligent empty bottle detection robot came out in Hunan

the first seemingly ordinary diaphragm in China has high technical barriers. The multi-sensor fusion intelligent empty bottle detection robot on the high-speed automatic assembly line is in the world of great learning in Hunan. Through real-time image analysis, the system can quickly detect empty beer bottles on the water line. 72000 bottle mouths and bottoms can be detected every hour. The ruler has doubts about the authenticity of the experimental results. The larger the inch, the 45000 bottle bodies. The project belongs to the national "863" program and is also a major project of Sino German international scientific and technological cooperation. This comprehensive high-tech equipment, which integrates optical, electrical and multi-sensor initial intensity sensors, computers, digital image processing and machine vision technology, can meet various empty bottle detection needs of beer bottles, purified water bottles, medicine bottles, etc. on the production line

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