The most popular PP market fell slightly on April

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On April 28, the PP market turned into a slight decline

on Thursday, the domestic market price of polypropylene turned from stable to a slight decline again. Affected by the sharp decline in the international crude oil price, the market sentiment was low, and the enthusiasm of downstream enterprises and traders for preparing goods before the festival was dispelled. They generally compared the performance of different materials. Then the market was not optimistic, and the market transaction was light

in North China, affected by the negative impact of the deep drop in oil prices, although there are not many resources, traders still strongly feel that the market is further depressed. The market price is weakening. The mainstream quotation is yuan/ton, which is generally lower according to the current weak demand. The market performance is difficult to deal

in East China, the price fell slightly, with the mainstream transaction price of 11600-11700 yuan/ton and the price of imported goods slightly lower at around 11550 yuan/ton. Before and after the long holiday, the wait-and-see mentality still occupied the mainstream. At present, the market resources are still not used, and the aluminum alloy cable will have no advantages and much value

in South China, most screws were taken in 4140, 2012 H. T. there are few resources in some areas of steel manufacturing, but affected by the flat transaction, the price shows signs of weakening slightly

factory price adjustment:

North: the factory quotation of Yanshan Petrochemical wire drawing material 2401 was increased by 200 yuan to 11910 yuan/ton, and was listed for sale during the festival

CNPC: the drawing material warehouse of CNPC East China branch is priced at 11600 yuan/ton, the copolymer EPS30R warehouse is priced at 11750 yuan/ton, and the membrane material warehouse is priced at 11600 yuan/ton

powder: the ex factory quotation of Shandong Kairi is reduced by 50 yuan to yuan/ton; Linyi Yishun's ex factory quotation is reduced by 150 yuan to 10850 yuan/ton; The ex factory quotation of Liaohe Petrochemical is increased by 100 yuan to 11000 yuan/ton; The ex factory quotation of Jinzhou refinery is reduced by 100 yuan to 10900 yuan/ton

the ex factory quotation of Luoyang Hongli is reduced by 200 yuan to 11050 yuan/ton; The ex factory quotation of Jingmen Petrochemical is reduced by 100 yuan to 11360 yuan/ton; Jinling Petrochemical's 045 and 140 factory quotations are reduced by 50 yuan to 11350 yuan/ton, 075 factory quotations are reduced by 50 yuan to 11330 yuan/ton, and 012 factory quotations are reduced by 50 yuan to 11290 yuan/ton

price trend: the May Day holiday is coming, and most of the markets have been set before the holiday, so the market is not optimistic after the holiday

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