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PowerMILL is used for automobile bumper mold processing

Dongling is a large professional manufacturer of automobile bumper mold in Taiwan. They have two 2500 sets × one thousand and one hundred × 1100mm copy+cnc multifunctional milling machine. Over the past five years, they have been processing automobile bumper molds for Dongyang industry, the largest automobile parts manufacturer in Taiwan

before purchasing Delcam's PowerMILL, Dong Ling used the traditional gypsum model and profile milling method to process the bumper mold. The machining accuracy was poor, and the machine tool operators were also very hard. Because they often had to work overtime due to easy disassembly, it was difficult to hire machine tool operators

"as the market is increasingly demanding on quality, I need better processing quality to win orders". So Mr. Cai, the person in charge of Dongling, decided to change the traditional profiling to CNC control, and started to buy CAM software

"When evaluating the software, I considered that the cam software must conform to the processing flexibility of profile milling. The rich processing methods, tool paths, automatic angle clearing, etc. of PowerMILL meet the requirements of my Sandvik materials technology, which has many international advanced R & D centers and factories in the world. More importantly, PowerMILL can cooperate with the original machine tools to carry out 3 + 2 axis processing, because 3 + 2 axis processing is very important for processing large bumper molds Water bags made of plastic film, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, cartons and other materials have replaced 216000 plastic bottles. "

software learning is a big challenge for machine tool operators." the PowerMILL operation interface is very easy, so that I can go online quickly without cad/cam operation experience. "

software investment is a big budget for enterprises, and the efficiency of software is also related to the number of software purchase sets and the number of software users to be employed." The calculation of PowerMILL is very fast. One set of PowerMILL can easily handle two large machine tools to process female and male molds. I also purchased a small automatic machine tool to process electrodes and sliders. "

powermill enables us to realize the automation of profile milling. Now the machine tool operators do not have to stay at the machine tool all the time, which greatly reduces the workload. The stable and reliable tool path enables the machine tool to run day and night, and the machining surface with higher quality can reduce the clamping time by 50%. (end)

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