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Panasonic has developed PP plastic that can prolong the service life of LED lighting equipment

Panasonic Corporation in Osaka, Japan announced that it has developed a light diffusion polypropylene pendulum pituitary U-shape; Vinyl resin (PP) molding compound, named "full bright" PP. The company said that the light diffusing polypropylene also provides a basic resin (PP) molding compound for the detection of other parameters, which can prolong the service life of LEDs. Panasonic said that the material is suitable for injection and blow molding, which makes it possible to form complex shapes, and helps to give customers greater freedom in product design

the polypropylene resin material developed by Panasonic can process 0.5mm thin-wall molded products, which could not be achieved before; Panasonic said that the material can achieve less than 10% machining thickness accuracy

Panasonic said that the material previously used by the company created a hole when the product was blown to a thickness of 0.5mm

light diffusing polypropylene resin moulding compound overcomes the weakness of light resistance of traditional PP resin moulding compound and achieves excellent chemical resistance, which helps to prolong the service life of LED lighting

light resistance of light diffusing polypropylene resin molding compound: it will fade after 90 days (about 2000 hours) exposure under the condition of 30 cm of 90 ° C 400W mercury lamp. Δ E: Below 2.0, equivalent to 10 years in outdoor environment, people will notice that accurate testing and control of materials will not be realized; 2. The Yamaha Mounter does not have accurate information (or convert reliable data) and undistorted input color; Previous materials of the company Δ E is: 17

the low specific gravity characteristics of the materials help to realize the lightweight design of LED lighting equipment. The material has a wide range of applications, such as store lighting, outdoor billboards, digital signage, waterscape lighting and car interior lighting

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