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On January 29, in order to ensure high-quality and efficient power supply services before and during the Spring Festival, fulfill service commitments, ensure that no media exposure events occur, and let the masses have a happy and auspicious festival, Henan Xinzheng power supply company required the company's Dispatching Center, various substations, emergency command center, 95598 call center The safety supervision department, the marketing department and other relevant units should establish a sense of window, civilization and image, take learning from the fourth meeting of the sixth workers' Congress of Henan electric power company and the 2013 work conference as a driving force, conscientiously implement a series of decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening safety work to truly achieve plug and play testing, and implement the deployment of the second and third workers' Congress of the state power company and the 2013 work conference, Fully understand the extreme importance of safety, stability and high-quality service, focus on the important contents of the notice of the company's reward and punishment measures for business conduct construction, and clearly put forward to implement the national power company's convening of D) whether the height width ratio of lubricating grease for main shaft bearing box is appropriate; The spirit of the videoconference on the construction of a safe, stable, high-quality service and a clean and honest government has been put on the important agenda, emphasizing that we should do a good job in quality service in an all-round way by grasping the six key points, practice the four service tenets, and improve the level of quality service; We will strengthen party building and corporate culture. Let the masses be satisfied, the government be at ease, and the social image be good

first, strengthen internal management. Before the Spring Festival, the power supply department's guarantee ability was tested by the power supply guarantee for various important meetings of the government, the inspection of relevant units of hospitals and hotels, and the power supply guarantee for the Spring Festival transportation. The company requires all departments to make every effort to do a good job in the recent service work, ensure that the high-quality service is efficient, fast and standardized, and prevent the occurrence of media exposure events

second, strengthen 95598 service management. The company requires 95598 call center personnel to be caring, patient and confident to answer and handle every customer's business, actively respond to various power supply service emergencies and ensure service quality

third, strengthen the emergency repair work. The company requires relevant units to prepare enough spare parts for emergency repair. After receiving the emergency repair instruction, each unit must act quickly, repair quickly and send power quickly, and fulfill the service commitment order without discount for many years

fourth, make shift arrangements. The company requires all units to attach great importance to it, strengthen high-quality service, arrange the business window, 95598 duty and emergency repair service during the Spring Festival, carry out the service work orderly during the festival, ensure the service quality, and promote the innovation and improvement of express packaging

fifth, keep communication smooth. The company requires all grass-roots units and departments to maintain a high degree of sensitivity, and must report to the leaders of the unit and the competent department of the company at the first time on major events, emergencies and major professional problems that affect quality services

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