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Drinking tea and tasting wine are both high-grade pursuits of modern people for life and one of the best ways to make friends, from which we can always find like-minded friends, so it is necessary to have a tea table and a wine cabinet at home. Now let's learn about the style and price of the new wine cabinet with Xiaobian, and see what kind of wine cabinet to choose in 2018

I. style and price of the new wine cabinet

1. Style of the new wine cabinet

a, display shelf wine cabinet

display shelf wine cabinet has always been very popular with modern people. New display shelf wine cabinets with different designs are launched every year. This design can also act as the partition between the dining room and the living room, perfectly divide the space of the living room and the dining room, and realize the perfect planning of the home

b, fireplace wine cabinet

fireplace wine cabinet is a wine cabinet design loved by many high-end people nowadays. This kind of wine cabinet is presented in the shape of fireplace, which not only meets everyone's appreciation of European retro trends, but also meets the needs of wine storage. It is very fashionable and novel

c, exhibition hall wine cabinet

although the exhibition hall wine cabinet is relatively traditional in shape, it is very classic and basically will not be out of date. Therefore, the new design every year is also favored by many people. Is it very shocking to show the good wine at home like the museum exhibition hall

2、 Price of new wine cabinet

price of new wine cabinet style (for reference only) New style Sicao jc-117a new kitchen wine constant temperature wine cabinet ¥ 5980.00 Muse new European solid wood carving triangle wine cabinet ¥ 8200.00 micro branch cw-138e European solid wood wine cabinet new constant temperature wine cabinet ¥ 14800.00 old ship wood new sunken ship wood solid wood wine cabinet ¥ 3780.00 Sofia new environmental protection customized flat door/sliding door/three door/four door wine cabinet ¥ 3490.00 casardi new high-end jc-258 professional wine cabinet ¥ 7980.00 Red God new srw-32s constant temperature and humidity wind Cold touch screen compressor wine cabinet ¥ 1680.00 aishangni private new French solid wood glass table side wine cabinet ¥ 2208.00 Yongxu sabili series new solid wood wine cabinet ¥ 3300.00

II. What kind of wine cabinet to choose in 2018

1. Choose according to the number of wine

the storage capacity of wine cabinet is limited. Different quantities of wine are suitable for storage in different wine cabinets, for example, if there are more than 50 bottles of wine at home, You can choose the compressor type wine cabinet. The compressor wine cabinet can be divided into two forms: air cooling and direct cooling, which can be selected according to personal preferences

2. Choose according to the internal material of the wine cabinet

when choosing the wine cabinet, pay special attention to the material of the internal structure of the wine cabinet, no matter the thickness of the inner liner, the insulation layer of the wine cabinet, the protective plate of the wine cabinet, etc., which directly determines the quality of the wine stored in the wine cabinet

3. Choose according to the display partition of the wine cabinet

for people now, choosing a multi-functional display wine cabinet will be more suitable than a pure wine cabinet. The mobile display wine storage cabinet can display books, wine glasses, wine, magazines, works of art, etc

editor's summary: the above is about the style and price of the new wine cabinet, as well as what kind of wine cabinet to choose in 2018. Nowadays, the style of wine cabinet is diverse. You can choose according to your own demand for wine when decorating. I hope the content shared by the editor will be helpful to you





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