Will you wear cloth on your body or paper

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Will you wear cloth on your body or paper

will you wear cloth on your body or paper

in essence, there is no comparability between the two. You will choose a piece of good cloth to make clothes, but you certainly won't choose a piece of paper to make clothes. In the process of shopping, shopping guides often do this - tear the wallpaper hard, reflecting the crack resistance of the wallpaper. Can wallpaper do this? No! The overall construction of the wall cloth shall be cut according to the perimeter of the room. The width of the wall cloth is greater than or equal to the floor height of the house, and there is no need to splice. Avoid or reduce the trouble of splicing and cracking. Can wallpaper do this? No

wallpaper is a fashion pioneer

consumers often point out that wallpaper has richer colors than wallpaper. However, as the core of home decoration, long-term contact with wall decoration with too many colors will cause visual fatigue, and even irritable psychology. In fact, home decoration needs more stability, warmth and a sense of fashion, so it is not that the richer the color, the better. How to use the color correctly is the most important. The wall cloth is in the collocation of color, pursuing more of a texture, combining color with high-quality life. And the tactile effect and visual effect brought by the texture of the cloth itself can't be shown by wallpaper

ink is harmful, and the wall cloth is more environmentally friendly

when it comes to color, of course, ink cannot be ignored. The reason why wallpaper has such rich colors is attributed to the contribution of ink. However, the various chemical components contained in the ink itself are harmful to human body. In short, they are harmful to your eyes, respiratory tract, liver, kidney and brain. However, the color of the wall cloth comes from plants, using plant dyes, the raw materials of fabric fibers are non-toxic and harmless, and the natural fabric fiber adhesives are pure natural, healthy and environmental friendly

wallpaper is a loyal "good partner" of home decoration.

after all, wallpaper is not durable. It will fall off the wall in two years at most, and it is easy to mildew and fade, which is well known. For the inevitable disadvantages of these wallpapers, the wallpaper has done it. Create an environmentally friendly and comfortable environment for your home. So, are you still worried about choosing wallpaper or wallpaper




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