Warm congratulations on the successful opening of

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Warm congratulations on the successful opening of Jiangxi Lichuan franchise store

warm congratulations on the successful opening of Jiangxi Lichuan franchise store on August 16. Hanli cabinet store, located in Fuzhou City, Jingchuan Avenue, Lichuan County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, opened grandly! The opening ceremony was an unprecedented event, with Luo drum team, team publicity and performance team. The scene was hot and lively, attracting a large number of customers and passers-by to watch the ceremony, which formed a good influence in the local area. Han Li's fashionable and simple personalized design style was presented at the banquet. It fully demonstrates the leading position and professional level of Hanli enterprise in the high-end boutique home furnishing industry, so that people in it can immediately appreciate and perceive Hanli's brand culture and brand charm

during the golden season of opening, the theme of Lichuan specialty store is "let you take advantage of it today". In the fierce price war of e-commerce, Han Li launched value-added surprise discounts, such as: when the purchase order is over 10000 yuan, a voucher of 5000 yuan will be given immediately, and then Han Li gifts will be given. When the set meal is over 8999 yuan, there is a set of integral cabinets (including smoke machine, stove, faucet and sink) for you to move home immediately

the strong entry of Hanli cabinet store in Lichuan this time will surely provide consumers in this region with more solutions for high-quality life, bring the warm, personalized and intimate home life concept to local consumers, provide more inspiration and experience, and help consumers realize their pursuit of a fashionable home environment





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