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On March 15, China Household Appliances Association and China Communications Standardization Association officially signed a memorandum of cooperation, becoming a standardization partner in the field of intelligent IOT, and jointly promoting the arrival of Internet of things smart family life

awe quietly ended in 2019, and many manufacturers exhibited many black technology products at this exhibition. For the smart home industry, there is also a big news

on March 15, the cross-border cooperation initiative of smart home appliance interconnection and the information security standard conference of cloud cloud interconnection were held. China Household Appliances Association and China Communications Standardization Association officially signed a memorandum of cooperation to become a standardized partner in the field of intelligent IOT and jointly promote the arrival of Internet of things smart family life

it is reported that China Household Appliances Association (cheaa) has more than 400 member units, including manufacturers in the household appliances industry, spare parts and raw materials supporting enterprises, etc. China Household Appliance Association has established the "Standardization Committee of China Household Appliance Association" on October 27, 2016, and actively carried out the preparation, revision and management of the group standard "standards of China Household Appliance Association". China Communications Standardization Association (CCSA), with more than 500 member units, is a national information and communication standardization organization, which is engaged in the research of technical standards in the field of information and communication, and organizes its members to carry out the preparation and revision of information and communication standards

as more and more household appliances are connected to the Internet and the Internet of things, the intelligent cloud platforms of many household appliance manufacturers have moved from private to open sharing, and the information security risks have also been expanded. It is imperative to reach an agreement on information security requirements among interconnected manufacturers

therefore, the China Household Appliances Association launched the development of cloud Internet information security standards at the end of June 2018. Focusing on the important task of "information security", the formulation of yunyun Internet information security standards strives to break the brand barrier at the level of standards and achieve cross-border integration from the beginning. Therefore, it has attracted many well-known home appliance enterprises and excellent Internet enterprises at home and abroad to participate

the cloud cloud interconnection information security standard mainly involves three parts: the interconnection interface security specification, the security event management requirements, and the data and privacy protection suggestions. It specifically stipulates the information security capability requirements of the interconnection interface between the cloud platforms of related manufacturers carrying out cloud cloud interconnection business in China, the information security event management requirements, relevant standards and technical regulations, and the special requirements for user data and privacy protection

with the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, it marks that the cooperation between the two industries will be more in-depth. The two associations hope to realize the information exchange of standard mutual recognition and standard update in the field of smart home and Internet of things standardization through this cooperation, and effectively avoid duplication of work on the premise of complementing each other. The cooperation between the two sides will open a new chapter in the standardization of smart home and Internet of things in China

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