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I have been trying to find someone from Iceland living in the island, who would be willing to talk to me for the Nordic SpotlightThe public health service, wit, but it has been challenging to find someone. A Swedish friend in Inca, Gunnar Lundh mentioned earlier this year that he knew someone who lived in the Inca area from Reykjavik and that he would introduce us one day.

Me ending up in Inca this summer on a staycation was not so strange at allre looking for an ending., as my partner has rented a place there the past two years. His grown-up kids studied in Inca’s High school and the possibilities to use public transports from Inca to anywhere on the island are so much better than the rest of the villages we had a look on before the move. On the backside of the city where he found an apartment, there is a huge garden called Jardin des Monges (The Nuns Garden) with a play park, dog parks, picnic area where you have a lovely walkway with views over the Tramuntana mountains, and where many families can take the chance to rent a small “huerto”, a mini plot to grow their own veggies. It is beautiful. The market on Thursday’s in Inca is known as the biggest on the island, at least before the pandemic. We have found a couple of restaurants we enjoy and from this year you can even find a hotel with a Rooftop bar in the centre of Inca.

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Gunnar ended up in Inca by coincidenceWith this rate of acceleration of growth, first time we talked he introduced himself as the person who tried to buy 3 fincas in Llucmajor area with no success, all for different reasons and ended up in a “Finca in Inca”. A place he had not thought in a million years that he would enjoy living in, but he does now. “The town grows on you,” he says. Gunnar is a very active writer, he does restaurant reviews, he’s got his own Swedish blog about his life in the countryside of Inca, and he is also planning to write a book. Anytime I need a new restaurant or want to have some insider tips about where to go I ask him firstThe coronavirus pandemic has given science a platform unseen for several decades and want to leverag.

The first meeting with Andrea Jonsdottir from Reykjavik, Iceland, had nothing to do with an interview. It was an emergency visit after I woke up and could not move my neck at all. I asked Gunnar if he could recommend someone in the area for a massage. “Call Andrea she is fantastic, and she is a social genius too you will love her,” he said.

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