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Evonik Industries Group set up a new joint venture in Taiwan to produce glass lenses for LED

- using the sivara sol gel technology independently developed by Evonik, We are developing and can produce lens materials of any shape

- it is estimated that the market growth rate will exceed 20%

- take another step towards "green lighting"

recently, Evonik industrial group of Germany and Taiwan Jingsheng materials Co., Ltd. jointly established "Evonik Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, and the joint venture will take savosil as its product brand, Large scale production of high-performance glass lens materials for the new generation of LED products. The establishment of Evonik Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd. will further consolidate Evonik's strategic positioning, that is, to become a comprehensive solution provider for the lighting industry. At the same time, the joint venture also enables Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd. to enter a highly innovative market

"in the future, the LED market will usher in many new application fields. Evonik Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd. will help customers develop new technologies faster, such as using UV-LED to disinfect water, automotive LED products, and LED products for general lighting," Wu haozexian, chairman of Evonik Degussa Co., Ltd. 5 The LCD student said, "participating in the investment in this joint venture provides an excellent opportunity for Evonik to integrate the downstream supply chain in the fast-growing LED market." The lens products produced by the joint venture will be sold to LED manufacturers

Evonik Jingsheng's LED lens will be produced using the sivara sol gel technology independently developed by Evonik. This technology can produce high-quality glass lenses of various shapes, and has won the frost Sullivan European technological innovation award

compared with traditional light source products such as incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps are more energy-saving, have longer service life, and can support more new product design styles. Due to the characteristics of these products, LEDs are increasingly used in lighting in various environments. The negative strength of Evonik's inorganic materials business department is five times that of steel. Mr. Thomas Hermann, the person in charge, saw the huge business opportunities contained in this market: "with the development of LED lighting technology, we see that this market is growing at a rate of more than 20%. We are sure that led will become the first choice for daily energy-saving lighting in the future, helping everyone save energy consumption in daily life." The growth of LED market is also driven by the trend of "green lighting" that requires comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. Now the lighting market is becoming more environmentally friendly. The promulgation of relevant laws and regulations, such as prohibiting the use of incandescent lamps and requiring cars to turn on their headlights when driving in the daytime, has also actively promoted the development of the lighting industry

Mr. Cai Erxian, chairman and founder of Jingsheng Materials Co., Ltd., said, "quartz glass produced by sivara sol gel technology is the best choice for producing advanced LED optical products." This product can maintain excellent stability and perfect fluorescence protection even in wet or high temperature environment, so it is very suitable for outdoor and various lighting conditions. Mr. Cai was pleased with Evonik's cooperation and rapid response during the establishment of the joint venture

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