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Evonik will show its color paste product series in Germany

Evonik will show its color paste product series in Germany

September 30, 2009

[Chinese coating graphene also has unusual thermal conductivity and conductivity information] according to the national coating industry Information Center, the preparation of the standard fully considered the need to meet and start the development and production of electromechanical technology from October 13 to 17, At the 2009 fakuma 2009, which will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Evonik will demonstrate the maximum flexibility of its products in plastic coloring. Each visitor to Evonik booth will receive a practical and small gift on site. The color of the gift can be selected by the visitors themselves. Once the color is determined, the electric JSW injection molding machine provided by Windsor can make the gift of the specified color in a few minutes through the polytrend liquid color paste connected with it. In this way, the plastic processing enterprises will be shown how the polytrend coloring system can quickly and easily color and mix colors until the production of products is completed

at this exhibition, Evonik will show two different coloring systems: polychrome color infusion and polychrome color infusion plus, that is, the "off-line color injection system" and "color injection system" that use basic color pastes to color plastic products. With the specially developed liquid coloring system and automatic and accurate color mixing equipment, the off-line color injection system enables customers to mix the required colors and quantities without any pre operation

on the other hand, the color paste injection system represents the logical extension of the offline system. It can directly mix the prepared colors and inject them directly into the plastic processing machine. Compared with the traditional coloring system, the color paste injection system can make it easy to adjust the color in the production process, and the color conversion is faster

"choose according to the actual situation; with polytrend products, even small batch orders can be completed quickly and economically," said Frank Huynen, marketing manager. "Manufacturers therefore avoid having to produce a color in large quantities. They don't need to stay on the selected color forever. On the contrary, they can complete the color conversion in a short time or through a small group of equipment"

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