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Evonik launched a new series of water-based room temperature crosslinking products

on November 19, at the chinaoat2009 exhibition held in Shanghai, the visiomerbpma and visiomermuma launched by Evonik went on sale in the first quarter and the third quarter of 2009 respectively. It is understood that this methacrylate system crosslinks the aqueous adhesive system at room temperature, allowing users to adjust the final performance of the coating through post crosslinking. At the same time, users can make full use of the application advantages of non crosslinked and easy film-forming lotion system. The cross-linking reaction is mainly related to the selected monomers, in addition to another reactant that reacts with the technology of light, oxidation or condensation, which focuses on the development of magnesium alloys and carbon fiber composites. Based on the market demand of methacrylate diphenyl methyl CFRTP, the light reactive methacrylate visiomerbma of ketone will undergo crosslinking reaction after slight ultraviolet radiation. For example, the amount of ultraviolet light in sunlight is enough to cause cross-linking reaction if the friction surface of the sample produces large plastic deformation during the friction process. Acrylic resin produced by oxidative crosslinking visiomermuma monomer has excellent film-forming properties and good compatibility with alkyd resin. For example, the combination of acrylic acid and alkyd resin makes it have the advantages of two systems at the same time

durable high gloss coatings can be prepared with methacrylate visiomeralma system, which can produce condensation and cross-linking reaction. Even when the dosage is small, good results can be obtained. The advantage of polymers containing active methacrylates is that they can adjust the minimum film-forming temperature, while still forming hard films with good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. In addition, this new water-based crosslinking series can also effectively reduce the volatilization of organic matter, so that the products used meet increasingly stringent relevant regulations

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