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The adjustment of accessories promotes the energy saving of corrugated board line

for the carton factory with the rising price of raw materials, the purchase of new lines is undoubtedly a large investment, and now the profit of making cartons is low, so the transformation of corrugated board production line has become a wise choice. Some paper factories have carried out the transformation of corrugated line equipment, The average speed of the transformed equipment is increased from the original 70m/rain to about 90m/rain. The paste saving is more than 5%, the loss rate of base paper is reduced by about 1%, the energy saving is more than 15%, and the flatness of paperboard is also improved. The total investment of tile line transformation is less than 300000 yuan. The equipment transformation not only saves the cost and wins the profit space for the enterprise, but also achieves the purpose of reducing pollution in the production process and striving for environmental protection production

spring type contact bar

it is very important to select good equipment for the transformation of corrugated board production. In order to solve the problem that the double-sided sizing machine is too thick, some enterprises have replaced the paper pressing roller of the double-sided sizing machine with a spring-loaded contact bar. This kind of contact pressure bar is carefully designed to solve the problems that the pasting machine (laminating machine) of the traditional corrugated board production line is prone to reverse corrugated and poor pasting. The design principle is that the grouping pressing plate and the spring press the single tile paper independently, and each pressing plate can adjust the pressure with the paper by itself relying on the spring. Ensure that the pressing plate and the paper stick to the table to the greatest extent, and ensure that the paste is uniform. It overcomes the corrugation and poor sticking caused by the wear and deformation of the riding wheel and the pasting wheel, and reduces the influence of the irregular jumping caused by the tension of the base paper on the quality of the paperboard

the main features of this contact bar are to ensure uniform paste, save 5% of the paste dosage, and prevent dirt from entering the servo valve% ~ 15%. It can prevent corrugation or flattening the tip of the corrugation, keep the corrugation forming well, ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the cardboard, and improve the strength of the cardboard. Its main components are made of imported special steel. It can be installed quickly, generally within 8 ~ 12 hours, The replacement of accessories can be completed within 1 hour after it is necessary to understand the performance of bars under actual shear conditions. After installation, there is no need to make any adjustment to the production line. The maintenance is very simple, just keep it clean, and the investment target rate is high. Generally, the investment can be recovered within 6 ~ 15 months

after this transformation, the single sheet pressing can be automatically compensated and adjusted by the spring, so that the sizing part is always at the ridge peak, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the sizing amount, maintaining the ridge shape of the paperboard, and improving the edge pressing strength of the paperboard

automatic expansion collet

in order to reduce production costs, some enterprises have designed the paper collet transformation project of paperboard production line. Replacing the original hexagonal conical collet with an expanded cylindrical bipolar paper collet avoids paper waste and makes the tension of the paper roll more balanced

the characteristic of this automatic expansion collet is that the conical base paper collet has the problem of bursting the base paper tube and the inner paper during use, which makes it difficult to use the tail paper. The scrap rate of the tail paper is more than 2%. The automatic expansion collet does not need power assistance. After the paper is threaded successfully, the collet convex bar is tightened or relaxed with the horizontal movement of the base paper frame, automatically expands and expands in the paper barrel, fixes the base paper or automatically shrinks, and then removes the base paper, It completely solves the disadvantage that the conical collet will break the tail paper, improves the utilization rate of 7 base paper, reduces the cost, and uses the automatic expansion collet to prevent slipping, and the tension control is more reliable

after using the automatic expansion collet, the tail paper can be used up to 40 kg at least and 300 kg at most every day. Calculated at 1800 yuan per ton of paper, it can save 72 ~ 540 yuan per day, 2160 ~ 16200 yuan per month and 25920 ~ 194400 yuan per year. The steam condensate recovery system of the production line is installed. Through this system, the condensate and waste steam produced by the production line are pressurized based on the principle of piston cylinder compression, and the steam mixture is directly pressed into the boiler, so that the steam consumption point of the boiler and the steam receiver form a closed circulating system, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy to the greatest extent. After transformation, the system can save more than 5% of coal per month

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