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Evonik launched a new type of matting powder with high transparency and soft touch

Evonik launched a new type of matting powder with high transparency and soft touch

read on May 17, 2019. Read in February this year: Source: Evonik paint additives | submission

acematt ® 3400 is Evonik acematt ® The new extinction CFRP in the product series is a hard to process material powder product, which is specially developed for varnish requiring high transparency and coatings with smooth surface and soft touch

ACEMATT ® 3400 is a surface treated medium particle size (average particle size is 7.5 μ m) Fumed silica matting powder. The lower fineness can make the coating surface very smooth, and has excellent optical properties and tactile coating at the same time

this high extinction efficiency extinction powder is very suitable for all kinds of transparent coatings, waterborne and solvent based coatings. Typical applications include wood coatings, plastic coatings and automotive coatings. In addition, it can also be used in high solid and low VOC formulations

in rheology, acematt ® The special post-treatment of 3400 can prevent the adsorption of associative thickener in water-based paint system. Similarly, when used in specific polyurethane systems, it can also improve the soft touch

ACEMATT ® 3400 can be easily added to the formula without high shear force and bead mill. In addition, acematt ® 3400 can be added to the formula at the later stage of the coating production process, and the gloss can be adjusted later

1. Basic information

chemical composition fumed silica matting powder with special surface treatment

Product characteristics

- high matting efficiency

- high transparency

- soft touch

- high surface smoothness

technical data

- carbon content 3.0%

- scraper fineness meter value 30 μ M

- particle size d507.5 μ M

- pH value 7.3

- specific surface area 195m2/g

recommended addition

- calculate the total formula according to the form of supply: 1.5 - 4.5%

process description

- therefore, it can be added to the coating according to the supply or pre dilution state

- evenly disperse for 10 minutes at a general disperser speed of m/s

typical application

- plastic coating

- wood coating

- original automobile paint

applicability of coating system

2 Product characteristics

(1) gas phase process - high extinction efficiency and high transparency

there are two basic manufacturing processes of silica extinction powder: wet process and gas phase process. Wet process can be divided into gel process and precipitation process. Evonik took the lead in using the gas-phase process. Compared with the precipitation process and gel process, the extinction powder produced by the gas-phase process has high transparency and great advantages in extinction efficiency

in solvent based 2K Pu elastic paint, compare acematt ® 3400 and acematt ® TS 100, general wax treated matting powder, under the same gloss conditions, acematt ® 3400 with lower addition (compared with acematt ® TS 100), showing a high extinction efficiency

Figure 1 Extinction efficiency in solvent based 2K Pu elastic paint

(2) PDMS modification - soft touch, scratch resistance, good suspension performance, preventing the adsorption of associative thickener in aqueous system

acematt ® Because of its coarser particle size and no surface treatment, TS 100 often meets some challenges in hand feel, suspension performance and application in some thin coating applications. Acematt ® 3400 successfully solved these problems

ACEMATT ® The surface of 3400 is treated with special organic polymer (PDMS dimethylsiloxane derivative), which makes the coating surface very smooth and can significantly improve the scratch resistance of the coating surface. At the same time, the special PDMS surface treatment improves the compatibility with the system, improves the sedimentation problem, and greatly improves the suspension performance. In addition, the surface treatment also provides a special soft feel, coupled with the adjustment and optimization of particle size, making it particularly suitable for applications that require fine feel or thin coating

Figure 2 ACEMATT ® 3400 has been treated with special PDMS derivatives

the following is the test of soft touch in 2K Pu system. 10 means very soft touch, and 0 means no soft touch. After dozens of testers' touch experience of the actual sample, acematt ® 3400 shows a good soft touch effect

Figure 3 Soft touch contrast in solvent-based 2K Pu elastic paint

rheology, usually in the aqueous coating system, silica matting powder will adsorb the associated thickener in the system (the unshielded silane alcohol group on the surface of matting powder is the reason for the strong interaction between silica and polyurethane thickener in the aqueous system), thus reducing the thickening efficiency of the associated thickener

a) prototype inspection of new factory production; Figure 4 Associative thickener in silane alcohol group adsorption system with unshielded surface of matting powder

acematt ® The special post-treatment of 3400 results in the shielding of silane alcohol groups and prevents the adsorption of associative thickener in the water-based coating system, thus ensuring the viscosity stability of the water-based coating system

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