Adhesive formula of the hottest polymer

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Adhesive formula of polymer

Formula 1

polyamide (nylon Zytel 61) 3493

epoxy resin (Dow der331) 1743

dicyandiamide 53

ethanol 5216

MEK yellow dye 3

polyamide powder (nylon Zytel 33, 80 mesh) 71

preparation method

soluble polyamide and water obtained by reacting adipic acid ester, adipic acid sebacate and caprolactam(or ethanol) mixing, Nylon Zytel 61 is available. Dow der331 is a polyglycerol ether of bisphenol A, with a molar mass of 186 ~ 192. Nylon zytel33 is a kind of nylon, which can be prepared by the reaction of hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid

formula 2

group A: diglycerol ether of bisphenol A (epikote828) 100

group B: modified aliphatic amine (epiuyet) 10

polyamide curing agent (versamidl25) 86

group A is resin, and group B is curing agent

preparation method

mix group B evenly first, and then add group B to group A

suitable for sealing cable interface

formula 3

complex of boron trifluoride and ether (containing 48% boron trifluoride) 7.5

triethylamine 5.75

polyethylene glycol (molar mass about 600) 37

preparation method

after the materials are mixed, triethylene makes it clear that the environmental protection treatment requirements of the project require that amine can replace ether to form the complex of boron trifluoride and triethylamine. It is suitable for the bonding of textiles and urethane polymers

formula 4

diphenylmethane diisocyanate 30

silicone rubber 70

the composition of silicone rubber is: hydroxy polydimethylsiloxane (value= "25" unitname= "℃"> when in good test condition, the viscosity at 25 ℃ is 4000 centipoise) 100

silica (treated with trimethylsilane)

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