Adhesion test of the hottest medical tape

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Medical tape adhesion test

test judgment standard: the sample size should be shipped smoothly and not less than 99% of the nominal value. During the test in the oven, the top of the adhesive tape pasted on the stainless steel plate shall not fall more than 2.5mm

taking pubtester lat-06a adhesion tester as an example, this paper briefly describes the adhesion test process of medical tape:

pretreatment of stainless steel plate: wipe the surface of steel plate with absorbent cotton dipped in toluene before each test. If necessary, hang the steel plate in the toluene steam bath, do not make the steel plate contact with liquid toluene, let the steam line reach the top of the steel plate, and keep the steel plate in this position for 5min Take out the steel plate and place it under standard atmospheric pressure for 30min

the main machine of the equipment is turned on, and the temperature control device is turned on. 7. The functional accessories of the experimental instruments and the experimental instruments related to the experimental instruments are set; Setting temperature: 38 ℃

sample preparation: adjust the state of adhesive tape roll or adhesive tape sheet for 24h before the test For strip samples, roll the adhesive tape at a speed of about 30cm/s before the test, and cut off a test piece about 60mm long before the test. If the width of the tested material does not meet 25mm, use the whole width. If the width of the tested material is greater than 25mm, it shall be carried out on the specimen width of 25mm. For sheet samples, remove the protective objects before the test, and conduct the test immediately after cutting the samples of corresponding sizes. Pay attention not to dirty the bonding surface during the test

contact the adhesive surface of one end of the prepared sample with the clean surface of the stainless steel plate, so that the entire width of the end of the sample is aligned with the place 25mm away from the end face of the steel plate, so that both sides of the sample are parallel to the long side of the steel plate, and the non adhesive end of the sample is suspended outside the end of the steel plate. When pasting the sample, make sure there is no bubble between the sample and the steel plate. Apply pressure to the pasted part of the sample with a roller, roll it along the length of the sample for four times at a speed of about 60cm/min, and make it under standard atmospheric pressure. Carbon fiber preform company (CFP) is launching its 360 carbon fiber mold plate and fr.10 ultra-high temperature carbon composite for 10min Make a marking line at the end line of the sample, stick a weight at the hanging end of the sample with a width of 0.8N (80g) per cm, and the force should be evenly distributed over the whole bandwidth. Hang the steel plate in the hot air oven at 36 ℃ - 38 ℃ for 30min, so that the steel plate is inclined at 2 ° to the vertical plane, so as to prevent the sample from peeling off from the steel plate, and make the weight hang. Repeat this step for the other four samples

observe 30 minutes after the start of the test. During the test in the oven, stick the adhesive tape on the stainless steel plate and the top that can increase the service life of the experimental machine should fall by no more than 2.5mm; Determine the holding viscosity of the sample

add: for products with great elasticity, stick a non stretchable adhesive tape of the same width between the applied gravity and the sample. When testing the titanium dioxide elastic adhesive bandage, the elastic wire should be located in the width direction of the steel plate, and the load should be applied to the inelastic linear direction. In this case, the test can be carried out only when the width of the sample is at least 25mm. If the width of the test material is 25mm, it is necessary to stick a section of inelastic adhesive tape (about 60mm long, the same width as the sample) on the sample, so that the unbonded part of the tape is suspended at the bottom of stainless steel, Make it bear even force when hanging heavy objects

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