Adjustment and innovation of CRM management system

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On June 11, 2014, Lianyungang Tianxing plastic products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lianyungang) signed a contract with Keyou software to standardize the marketing management of enterprises, improve the quality of customer service and improve the operating efficiency of enterprises with the help of Keyou customer relationship management software

Tianxing plastic industry company was founded in 2010, which is a manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic sprayed guardrails and zinc steel guardrails. The company has been committed to the development of PVC guardrails. Since its establishment, the scale of the company has been expanding. From the beginning of its establishment, there are 4 production lines, with an annual production capacity of 600 tons of PVC profiles, to now there are more than 17 production lines, with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons. Tianxing plastic industry has become a brand with high recognition and reputation in the industry. The company accurately grasps the development trend of international landscape guardrails, cites the international advanced production technology of PVC color guardrails, and combines the unique regional characteristics and aesthetics of our country to research and develop color PVC guardrail series products, and newly develops highway guardrails, lawn guardrails, flower bed guardrails, community guardrails, villa guardrails, plant guardrails, etc. The company's products have distinctive characteristics, novel and environmental protection, fashionable and bright, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. Easy to clean, paint free maintenance, widely used in unit courtyards, community courtyards, roads, river banks, lakeside, balconies, stairs, gardens, parks, hospitals, hotels, kindergartens, nursing homes and other public places. 3. Before starting the bellows ring stiffness testing machine, the company now covers an area of 80 mu and has a standard factory building of 12000 square meters. There are 13 domestic advanced PVC profile production lines. As well as all kinds of special equipment and fence testing equipment, PVC series products alone have invested more than 10 million yuan. It is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC color guardrail products in China. Tianxing people are well aware of the importance of scientific and technological innovation and regard product quality and after-sales service as the life of the enterprise. The company has more than 20 senior professionals. Nearly 100 people are engaged in product testing, marketing and after-sales installation services. Excellent teams create excellent products and high market share. So that the company has been occupying a leading position in the color PVC guardrail industry

through the introduction of Keyou CRM management system, Tianxing plastic establishes a unified customer information base and retains all valuable customer transaction records and documents. The system will distribute potential customers to relevant market personnel for tracking, and record the process of contacting customers and understanding that the beneficial conditions for the export of plastic extruders in China are increasing, such as oral requirements, contact records and other valuable information. The marketing personnel can automatically create the contact record book of the customer according to the records, which is convenient to record the situation of each contact with the customer and query the past information. The automatic work reminder function can realize the timely transmission of important information that the waste foam granulator plus the main business of Enterprises above the manufacturing industry paid 1398.77 billion yuan, and maximize the conversion from potential customers to current customers. In addition, according to the different positions of operators, the system has different permissions to view and operate the customer database, which can effectively ensure the security of market tracking and data. Through system quotation management, Tianxing plastic industry can quickly respond to customer needs and improve quotation accuracy. Through business tracking and multi-level review, the risks in the sales process can be effectively avoided. With the help of a variety of statistical reports, help enterprises understand market trends and make sales decisions. It can quickly get the relevant information of the products ordered by the customers, evaluate the key factors such as the delivery date and processing period of the customers, and make a rapid response, so as to achieve the sales business indicators

I believe that through the implementation of Keyou CRM, Tianxing plastic industry will establish internal and external information integrated management, quickly respond to customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, comprehensively improve enterprise operation efficiency, enhance profitability, and create the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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