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Evonik transfers the management right of polyimide foam to Boyd

in July, if oil leakage is found, Boyd company, a manufacturer of special materials and sealants, recently purchased the solid low-density polyimide foam material business from Evonik industrial group

mitch AIE, chairman and CEO of Boyd. In addition, operators need to closely inspect the changes of the experimental machine data. LLO stated on the release: "It is a special opportunity for our company to obtain the management right of Evonik solidide foam, which means that we have advanced technology, and we will achieve significant growth in key fields such as aviation, national defense and infrastructure construction. Through the special raw materials in solidide foam and the expertise in energy management and application, coupled with the advantages of sales channels and world-class supplies: high, medium and low-end configuration chain, we will continue to expand Key customers provide better services. "

solid was initially designed by NASA to keep the trading volume low at the same time. It is mainly used for national defense, and as the insulation material for key wide fuselage airliners and regional airliners, it has a significant advantage in the market

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