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Evonik "has no plan" to sell business

Evonik "has no plan" to sell business

October 25th, 2016

[China coatings but the company's estimated information]

High Performance Materials Co., Ltd. expects to complete the $3.8 billion air chemical product specialization by the end of the year 4 Adopt the acquisition of two-level standard reducer mechanical and electrical hammer lifting business. However, John kaspagamelin, chairman of the management committee, clarified at the press conference of 2016k Exhibition on October 20 that Evonik had no plan to sell its high-performance materials department

at the press conference, Evonik (Hall 6/b28) announced its plan to open a biaxial stretching plant producing acrylic acid in weiterstadt, Germany, and clarified the rumors about Evonik's high-performance materials department

he said, "Evonik has no plan to sell this department, nor will it use this department to form a joint venture with other companies. This business is still profitable, although its profits are not as high as those of other departments."

Gamelin then added that the high-performance materials business generated huge cash flow, which could be used for "the growth of other businesses"

he confirmed that the simple way to deal with the air is to directly replace the jaw chemical material technology products department to purchase, which can realize the conversion of amine catalyst to polyurethane. This acquisition is likely to be realized by the end of the year

"in the chemical industry, it is rare to make a business acquisition without buying unwanted things." Jamelin said after the press conference

Evonik produces a series of silicone foam stabilizers for polyurethane

"as an additive supplier, this is an appropriate supplement to our existing business. We have a similar culture, and our air chemical industry has a strong scientific research channel of hydraulic universal testing machine computer interface design." He added

the new factory "will provide new overall arrangements, some of which will be about twice the size of the current market, which will bring us market opportunities". He said

Gamelin said that his company was evaluating whether to build a methyl acrylate plant, adding, "we have C3, C4 and C2 technologies, which allow us to use shale gas"

"we are looking for the right time and place to use the right technology." He said

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