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Evonik launches new acrylic specification Plexiglas ® Baokeli ® Xf03

• a special molding compound can meet the injection molding and extrusion process. It is expected that the number of exhibitors will reach nearly 10000. It has excellent mechanical properties, such as thermal performance, good fluidity and melt viscosity

• full design freedom, and can integrate various functional attributes

Evonik industrial group has launched a new acrylic specification - Plexiglas in China ® Baokeli ® Xf03 is used for injection optics and other applications, such as lighting components, so the compression resistance of the sample will be more consistent with the actual display components. This specification provides high light transmittance with excellent mechanical strength, surface hardness and friction resistance

all processing methods of thermoplastic materials can be applied to this new specification, including conventional injection molding, low-pressure injection molding, or extrusion molding and reheat molding

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Evonik industrial group is a global manufacturer of PMMA products. Such products are based on Plexiglas ® The trademark is sold in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, as well as acrylite ® Trademarks are sold in the Americas

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