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Evonik plans to establish Asian additive R & D centers in Singapore and Shanghai.

Evonik, a German specialty chemicals company, has invested millions of dollars to set up the first paint and coating additive R & D center in Asia - "Digo innovation center" in Singapore and Shanghai respectively (TEG integrates and improves existing platform resources such as test evaluation, design and utilization, big data, O Innovation Center) to provide services for paint and coating manufacturers in India and Asia

Thomas haeberle, executive director in charge of paint and coating business, said that it is expected that the Asian paint and coating market will usher in the largest growth in the next few years, among which the demand for environmental protection paint products will grow the most. The establishment framework of the R & D center is precisely to meet the needs of market growth

Digo innovation center aims to strengthen close cooperation with Asian manufacturers. Evonik will hire 20 to 25 researchers and experts locally to participate in the research and development work and provide services for the local market. In addition, the innovation center will also strengthen research and development cooperation with local universities where there have been several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry

There are three R & D laboratories in Digo Innovation Center: a comprehensive laboratory for studying the chemical structure of new products, a formula R & D laboratory for product testing and preliminary product design, and a strategic market development laboratory for researching and selling terminal products

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