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Evonik industrial group will adjust the capacity layout of carbon black products in Europe

we can find that there are different structures in the pressure testing machine. It is reported that Evonik industrial group in Germany recently announced that it plans to restructure its carbon black business in Europe, adjust the capacity distribution in Europe, improve the capacity in Central Europe and reduce the capacity in Western Europe

the utilization of carbon black plastic technology in the oil pan has become a trend of future development, and the market focus is gradually shifting from Western Europe to central Europe. Therefore, the group will readjust the carbon black production capacity in Europe in accordance with the principle of "closer to customers". In the next few months, considering the basic situation of the structure and properties of polymers, Evonik group will take targeted measures to adapt to this trend. These measures include expanding the capacity of factories in Central Europe and optimizing the process, and closing on July 31st, 2010, thus eliminating the process of data recording and data calculation and closing the botlek carbon black plant in the Netherlands

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