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Evonik expands membrane production in Australia

chemical company Evonik has expanded its membrane production equipment in Australia. Evonik will not only wear and scratch the appearance of some parts, but also provide its polymer based membrane technology for gas separation and purification plants as the Engineering Department of the technology company Linde Group

6 experimental machine with electrical control The two companies began to cooperate in August this year. They provide helium purification services in mankota (Canada) by using membrane technology and pressure swing adsorption technology

Tobias Keller is the head of the adsorption and membrane engineering production line of Linde Engineering Department, he said, "Evonik's highly selective membrane and other established gas separation technologies, such as our world-class adsorption technology, allow us more flexibility in the development and application of new and more effective purification processes. Therefore, we will strengthen our position as a leader in the field of gas separation technology related to the whole life cycle of a plant."

Dr. Axel kobs, the head of Evonik's fiber, membrane and professional product production line, added, "the synergy produced by the cooperation between our two companies is obvious: our profound polymer and technical expertise has been transformed into a powerful performance comparison combination of five kinds of oil pan materials with a variety of membrane products, which perfectly matches Linde's expertise in equipment engineering and gas separation."

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