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Design of Hybrid III model human built-in data collector

[Abstract] the Hybrid III dummy is a standard dummy used in vehicle frontal impact test, and it is also used in impact test in aerospace field. Generally, in the test measurement, the sensor is installed in the dummy. Friedrich Mohs proposed to use 10 minerals to measure the hardest and softest part of the object in the world, and the collector is placed outside the dummy. This paper introduces the design and implementation of a multi-channel collector installed in the dummy. The collector has 16 acquisition channels and uses CAN bus communication. With this collector, the dummy does not need to be dragged for measurement, which reduces the possibility of test interruption and improves the reliability of measurement

Keywords: data acquisition single chip microcomputer can Hybrid III dummy car crash

the design of data acquisition 2014 position instrument installed in

hybrid III dummy applied to impact test

gu Guang, Zhang Jinhuan, Huang Shilin

state Key Lab of automotive safety and energy, Tsinghua University

[abstract] Hybrid III dummy is a standard instrument in automotive crash test, Applied to the impact test in aero, phenolic foam products with smooth surface, uniform foam pores and fine pores can be obtained Sensors are installed in dummy, but data acquisition instrument is installed out of dummy in usual test. A kind of data acquisition instrument installed in dummy is introduced in this paper, which has 16 acquisition channels and CAN communications. Dummy has no more wires in tow with this instrument so that wires broken in test was decreased and measure reliability is improved.

key words: data acquisition MCU can Hybrid III dummy vehicle crash

1 preface

hybrid III dummy is the international standard dummy used in vehicle frontal crash tests, of which the 50th percentile male dummy is the most widely used. In addition to giving us the opportunity to show the extraordinary performance of our high-tech materials under extreme conditions, it is also used in other impact tests, For example, the aircraft seat ejection test in the aviation industry and the landing impact test of the recovery capsule in manned spaceflight

the bones and joints of the head, neck, thorax, pelvis and limbs of the Hybrid III dummy are specially designed. Not only their impact response is similar to that of human beings, but also these parts can be equipped with corresponding sensors

in the automobile crash test, the wires of these sensors are usually led out from the dummy body and then connected to the data acquisition equipment. In doing so, the problem is that the dragged wire will cause signal interference or disconnection due to movement and violent impact; The vehicle collision is a destructive test, and the test cost is very high. Therefore, in order to improve the reliability of the test, it is best to completely build the data acquisition system into the Hybrid III dummy

however, the internal space of the dummy is narrow, and the existing acquisition system is difficult to install into the dummy. Therefore, we must make full use of the internal space of the dummy to design a small, multi-channel, impact resistant collector

2 design requirements and overall structure of the acquisition system

vehicle collision regulations stipulate the frequency response of measurement channels at different parts of the dummy. According to the requirements of China's Vehicle Collision Regulations CMVDR294, the requirements for the highest frequency level of the measurement channel are cfc1000, that is, the sampling frequency>8khz and the lowest passing frequency

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