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On July 20, the monitoring department of the Ministry of environmental protection organized a symposium on the collection of state surface water monitoring powers to ensure the smooth implementation of the collection of state surface water environmental quality monitoring powers. In his speech, liuzhiquan, director of the monitoring department of the Ministry of environmental protection, introduced the general idea, basic principles and work implementation arrangements of surface water environmental monitoring

at the meeting, Deputy Station Master Wang Yeyao introduced in detail the implementation plan for the collection of authority for national surface water environmental quality monitoring, mainly including the implementation plan for the separation of sampling and testing and the implementation plan for the construction of automatic water quality monitoring stations. Bai qiuyong, the head of the station, refined the problems that need to be discussed in depth in the implementation plan: first, the feasibility of comprehensively implementing the monitoring mode of "separation of mining and measurement" in 2050 national examination sections; Second, the feasibility of automatic monitoring and full coverage of national examination section; Third, at the initial stage of the implementation of the separation of mining and testing, local monitoring stations cooperate to carry out relevant work

at present, many provinces and cities have opened their less pollution exhibition cases "separation of sampling and testing" to try our software protection upgrade and support (me & S) protocol, which makes it easy to keep pace with the rapidly changing software technology. 1. Check whether the joints of the oil system are tightened. Last month, many provinces and cities actively participated in the pilot work of quality control of some sections/points of state-controlled surface water monitoring organized by the general environmental monitoring station. The pilot work is carried out in the way of separation of sampling and testing, that is, unified sampling by a third party and centralized analysis by designated laboratories (generally local environmental monitoring stations). The announcement meeting on the capacity replacement scheme for the construction projects of three enterprises including Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an non ferrous materials Co., Ltd. arranged for Jing Hongwei, chief engineer of Beijing environmental protection monitoring center, to introduce the compensation, sampling and separation of surface water areas in Beijing

it is understood that the sampling equipment uniformly used by the third party mainly includes sampling equipment, fixatives, sampling bottles and sampling boats. In the future, in the work of water quality monitoring and sampling, the third-party testing institutions have great prospects

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