Design of fast and accurate positioning system for

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Design of fast and accurate positioning system of stepping motor

the stepping motor fast positioning system is divided into functional modules such as compensation table, position controller, speed controller, signal converter, speed and position detector and out of step detector, which is conducive to controller programming and debugging. In view of the shortcomings of the nonlinear control of the rapid positioning system ball9-ban9, the improvement measures are put forward. The phase plane of the position control is divided into multiple regions. Different control strategies should be adopted when considering the large and small position deviation, and a control strategy of small position deviation is proposed at the same time. Experiments show that this control strategy is effective, and it improves the accuracy and rapidity of the positioning control system

in economical CNC machine tools, stepping motors are widely used as servo drive components. The stepping motor converts the electric pulse signal into angular displacement and drives the actuator to move according to a certain law. Full closed-loop control is often used in high-precision position control. However, full closed-loop position control not only requires high-precision position detection devices, but also the control system structure contains nonlinear links, which leads to the complexity of the control system model and affects the stability and rapidity of the system. In order to solve the nonlinear problem, the Ministry of Commerce issued the rare earth special invoice system before and after. There are still certain problems in the CFRP drilling process: the separation phenomenon of materials, variable structure fuzzy control, etc. are introduced into the stepper motor position control system, and a three-stage control strategy is proposed. However, these control methods and strategies are based on the linearization of stepping motor, or require to determine more parameters of position control system, which leads to unsatisfactory results in practical application. Embedded digital control system has become the mainstream of position control system because of its flexible configuration, low power consumption, strong control function and easy to realize intelligent control. With the development of MCU technology, the position controller has experienced the development process from 8 bits, 16 bits to 17 bits, and 32 bits of Jinan experimental machine standard configuration.. At present, 32-bit microcontroller has fast operation speed and rich on-chip resources, and has become the main control chip of high-performance position controller. In this paper, a non-linear design scheme of fast and accurate positioning system of stepping motor with different control strategies and function modularization is proposed, which uses 32-bit single-chip microcomputer as the controller and adopts different control strategies for the large and small position deviation of single screw extruder, although it has been relatively perfect in recent years

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