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With the development of anti-terrorism situation at home and abroad, Beijing police launched a new type of electronic detonator. Yesterday, for example, in the Lujiashan limestone mining area of Shougang in Mentougou District, with the roar, the rock blasting with a new type of electronic detonator as the initiation method was successfully initiated. It is reported that electronic detonators with new detonating technology can not be lost or stolen if the extrusion quality is guaranteed, nor can they be used to explode some new energy-saving thermal insulation materials, reducing the possibility that detonators will be used by criminals to cause trouble after losing 80% of society

the biggest difference from the traditional detonator is that this new detonator has a built-in electronic chip and has triple password protection. Each blaster, each detonator and each detonator have their own independent passwords. Only these three passwords correspond one by one can detonate detonators. Ordinary detonators, power supplies and dry batteries cannot detonate detonators

the special detonator of the new detonator is also very unusual, and the regional range of initiation can be set through GPS positioning technology. Once leaving the set area, even if the triple password can be matched, the detonator cannot be detonated

in recent years, there have been many detonator theft incidents across the country

it is understood that the implementation of electronic detonators is one of the innovative policing measures of Beijing police, which will be promoted in the city in the future. The police said that they would strive to switch all relevant enterprises and units in Beijing to electronic detonators within half a year to one year

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