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Analysis of packaging materials in China (Part 2)

8. Organic separation membrane

in view of the lack of domestic and industrial water in the world, the cellulose acetate membrane first developed was used as a permeable membrane to absorb dyeing water, and now it is also used to separate various industrial wastewater and food processing industries. High functional separation membrane is one of the basic industrial technology topics in the 21st century. Therefore, the future development trend is to improve the performance of separation membrane, and study the separation of water and alcohol, hydrogen, chlorine, hydrocarbon and so on. In addition to oxygen enriched membrane, the research progress of a polymer immunosorbent separator for blood electrostatic and pathogen treatment is also very good. Separation membrane and separation technology play a very important role in food and beverage processing and the production of space water, mineral water and beverage water distribution, and are widely used

9. biopolymer materials

biology also has its own reasons. Polymer materials have entered the experimental stage, such as artificial blood vessels, artificial hearts, artificial valves, artificial lungs, artificial gills, artificial bones and so on. The application of biopolymer materials in packaging is expanding day by day, such as microbial (bacterial) plastics, biodegradable plastics and photolytic plastics are all hot topics in the packaging world today

10. organic optoelectronic materials

optoelectronic organic polymer materials newly developed varieties include: organic photochromic polymer materials, nonlinear optical materials, photosensitive refractive materials, polarized polymer materials, selective translucent polymer materials, photoelectric conversion functional materials, piezoelectric polymer materials, etc. Nonlinear optical polymers (NLO) and gradient refractive index polymers (such as methyl phenylenoates, vinyl benzoates, etc.) have also made great progress. Therefore, the application of organic optoelectronic materials in special packaging has great potential

11. resin matrix composites

there are many kinds of polymer composites based on resin and added with various fibers, particles or films. Such as adding conductive fibers to composite into conductive functional materials and microwave absorbing functional materials, adding ceramics, glass fibers and carbon fibers to composite reinforced plastics, or multi-layer composite of different resin films into composite materials, etc., its application fields are very wide; There are more than 30 kinds of fibers commonly used in reinforced fiber composites. The main types of composite materials that have been widely used in packaging are laminated composite, coextrusion composite, hybrid reuse and so on

the development trend of resin matrix composites: first, improve the composite process, improve the properties and functions of composites; Second, select appropriate materials and the best process to reduce the cost of composite materials; The third is to develop new varieties, such as structural materials and functional materials being developed. The methods are as follows: set two punctuation points to engrave lattice molecular composites, ecological composites, etc

12. metal matrix composites

these composites have relatively high strength, high modulus, good high temperature performance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and are especially suitable for aviation and other industrial sectors. Metal matrix composite technology has achieved rapid progress, and there are many methods. Therefore, the metals used for composite are mainly Ti, Ni, Cu, Pb, Ag, especially light metal based Al, Mg, Ti, etc. Composite materials include metal, nonmetal and other compounds

the market and development trend of metal matrix composites are in the order of aluminum matrix, magnesium matrix and titanium matrix, but the growth rate is opposite. Aluminum matrix composites and new titanium matrix composites are the most widely used in packaging industry

13. ceramic matrix composites

ceramic matrix composites mainly include: ceramic metal, ceramic ceramic, ceramic polymer and their multilayer composites. Foreign research focuses on high-temperature superconducting ceramic materials, piezoelectric ceramic polymer composites, nano ceramic composites, high-performance nano dehydration composites, ultra-high temperature ceramic composites, biodegradable ceramic materials and other composite materials. Some special preparation technologies have been developed for composite technology, such as direct oxidation process, sol gel process, chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) technology, etc. Traditional ceramic composites are mainly used in the field of packaging, and biodegradable ceramic materials also have a certain prospect

14. surface modified materials

there are many kinds of modern modified materials, including metal, non-metal, ceramic, plastic and multicomponent composites. There are relatively more surface modified new materials used in the packaging industry. For example, in order to improve the condensation performance of packaging plastic film, Vacuum vapor deposition (PVD) technology is used to "coat" a very thin aluminum film and silicon oxide film on the plastic surface; laser scanning is used to treat the plastic film; chromate passivation technology is used to modify the surface of electrolytic iron foil to strengthen the material properties, etc. and second, this trend will continue.

15. The development of special coatings

coatings must adapt to the criteria of "green packaging". Special coatings have developed rapidly in recent years. Among them, the top coating represented by organic composite coating is typical, which indicates that the coating will change from the final finished product coating to the raw material coating. Now there are many types of antirust, conductive, lubricating, priming, fingerprint resistant and so on. In addition, adhesive coating, all plastic coating and self swimming coating are ecological. Special functional coatings mainly include damping coating, temperature indicating coating, de furniture coating, luminous coating, light storage coating, aromatic coating, rubber like coating, grass like coating, cashmere like coating, etc. these coatings have developed rapidly in recent years, and there are many varieties. Paint has a long history of application in the field of packaging. It is mainly used for anti-corrosion of packaging containers, and has a broad application prospect in the field of packaging

to sum up, the above 15 categories of materials are closely related to the packaging industry. Some high-tech materials have been expanded and applied in the packaging field. With the development of science and technology, some are showing their edge or trying their skills in the packaging world, and some materials have development potential. Therefore, packaging in the 21st century is bound to be the world of high-tech materials

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