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on December 9, the forging of MPA plug valve with innovative forming process was successfully trial produced by MCC Tangshan company. MPA plug valve is widely used in oil field exploitation, transportation and refining equipment from the aspects of reducing construction cost and protection cost, improving railway safety and environmental protection compatibility. As a consumable, its annual demand

on December 9, MCC heavy industry Tangshan company adopted the MPA plug valve forging trial production with innovative forming process to avoid the success of impurities such as water


mpa plug valve is widely used in oil field production, transportation and refining equipment. As a consumable, its annual demand is huge. In the previous design, in order to prevent metal from flowing into the upper punch and the upper die cavity to form longitudinal flash, reduce the production efficiency of forgings, and even interrupt the production process, the vertical cavity of conventional forgings is not formed by direct forging, but by subsequent machining, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the supply cycle can not meet customer requirements

according to the market demand, the technical personnel of the company conducted a detailed study and Discussion on the forming process of MPA plug valve forgings. In view of the small difference between the upper and lower structural dimensions of the forgings, they finally decided to forge them upside down. The forging advantages of this design mainly include: the vertical hole cavity is located in the lower die core, which avoids the formation of longitudinal flash on the upper end face of the forging and improves the production efficiency of the forging; The forging is directly forged from the vertical hole cavity. A single piece can save 20kg of raw materials and 4 hours of machining hours; Forging the vertical hole cavity of forgings in one shot can shorten the manufacturing cycle and meet the requirements of customer supply cycle; Forging the vertical cavity can form a continuous metal streamline inside the forging, avoid cutting the streamline during machining, improve the mechanical properties of the forging and prolong its service life

this innovation in the forming process of MPA plug valve forgings has achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase. At the same time, it provides a theoretical basis for the research and development of similar products. It can produce cross-linking and experimental basis without using catalyst, which is conducive to the further promotion of our products in the market

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