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Analysis of methods to reduce the cost of label printing

1. Because we don't understand the customer's requirements for ink "> Print performance, we choose high-grade materials in production, but in fact, as long as we choose the right materials, low-grade materials can meet the customer's requirements.

2. Because the customer can't understand the performance of materials, we blindly make some hard requirements for label manufacturers to many OEM manufacturers (for example, there will still be minor changes in the size of the country, except for the specified material number, etc.), resulting in unnecessary cost increases

for the first case, the salesperson should strengthen communication with the customer, understand the customer's requirements on product performance and other aspects, and let experienced technicians check it, so as to avoid overusing

for the second case, the printing factory should make more efforts in coordinating with customers and persuade customers through appropriate methods, which may encounter a lot of resistance, but it is very important to reduce costs

in addition, in the absence of special requirements, some label printing manufacturers choose composite materials or ISO certified materials. The main reason for them to do so is that these materials have good performance and can meet the requirements of label printing. It is easier to reach an agreement with customers, and the choice is simple and convenient. However, to better achieve the purpose of reducing costs, when printing labels of different grades for 8 pure electric vehicles, different grades of ink, paper, self-adhesive and other materials can be used to effectively control the waste in the label printing process

reasonable selection of printing methods

in the face of various distinctive printing methods, in order to reduce equipment debugging time, improve production efficiency, improve product quality to a certain extent, and meet the needs of customers, label printers often classify products according to different grades and batches of live parts, and then choose different printing methods for printing

at present, China's label printing is mainly embossed, offset and silk printing, while developed countries such as Europe and the United States mainly use flexographic printing. With the continuous improvement of domestic plate making level and the continuous reduction of price, the comprehensive cost of flexographic printing will be greatly reduced, and its characteristics of low input and high output will attract more and more label manufacturers. In the long run, Flexographic printing will be ink "> packaging printing, especially label printing, is the first choice.

at present, in the field of label printing, combined printing is more and more favored, one of the reasons is that it can complete printing and post press processing at one time, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the label printing cost.

in addition, when the printing method is selected, if the machine adjustment method is appropriate, it can also reduce material waste and machine loss. For example, printing is high When filing labels, first debug the machine with ordinary and cheaper special gloss paper, and then change into better materials for printing; Start the machine at medium speed when debugging, and then speed up the machine after debugging; Proofread the color while proofreading the pressure of the printing plate, and then proofread the color after these two steps are completed

pay attention to details of post press die cutting

when offline die cutting is adopted, inaccurate die cutting often occurs, which may even cause a large number of labels to be scrapped, and the machine must be shut down for debugging. If the inspector does not master the die cutting standard, it will also increase the printing cost

in addition, in the printing of some self-adhesive labels (especially some small area labels), waste adhesion often occurs during die-cutting and waste discharge processing, which is also one of the main reasons for the waste of printing materials. It is suggested that the following methods can be adopted

1. when designing the label, appropriately increase the area of the label, and the label shape should not be too complex, and adopt a reasonable arrangement

2. Appropriately reduce the temperature of the self-adhesive material storage workshop and the printing workshop to prevent the viscosity of the adhesive on the paper from decreasing

3. replace the die-cutting blade that has been used for a long time and the blade is blunt, or glue the sponge between the die-cutting plate and the blade, or make the die-cutting plate again

4. Adjust the pressure of the die-cutting plate by padding the die-cutting bottom plate to make the pressure of the die-cutting plate uniform and the depth of the die-cutting indentation consistent

5. Improve the speed of die cutting waste discharge

scientific management and strict control

in order to reduce the cost of label printing, in addition to making more efforts in various process links, we should also actively promote standardized and digital management. Domestic label printing enterprises should establish new management concepts and new management systems while introducing new equipment, new processes and new technologies, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of label production and reduce costs with scientific and standardized management. In this regard, Tianjin lindco Industrial Co., Ltd. has provided us with a good example. The following is the current management mode of the company. According to the relevant person in charge, this management mode has played a great role in reducing production costs, especially in the management of new products

determine product requirements review product requirements production preparation formulate production plan product production implement finished product inspection product delivery

in a word, a scientific management mode can organically combine the various process steps of label production to realize the overall control of the production process


reducing the cost of label printing is an overall work, and the key is to make a reasonable overall plan in the prepress design stage, take into account the process characteristics of each process, and reasonably control label printing as a whole through scientific management, so as to ensure quality and reduce waste at the same time

throughout the production process, the coordination between label printing manufacturers and customers has been running through it, affecting every link of label printing. For customers with clear requirements, label printing manufacturers should try to coordinate the relationship between production and customer requirements according to the actual situation of the factory, so as to minimize the label printing cost

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